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Beach Must-Haves

 Hi friends! Goodness it's hard to believe that we're almost two weeks out from being back home from our time at the beach. That tells me one thing: SUMMER IS FLYING BY! I need it to pause for a hot minute. While we were there, I know I wanted to put together a post sharing some of my favorite must-have beach items. Some of them are cool little gadgets, of you will, and others are pretty obvious but just as I was saying, a must have for a beach day! Let's get started :)

Beach Must-Haves - Something Delightful Blog #Summer #BeachMusthaves #AmazonFinds #BeachWithKids

1. This fold up table has been a must have for two years now. Let me tall y'all, it's awesome!!! It takes all of ten seconds to assemble. It's sturdy enough to hold everything I need to set out on it. I love having it next to my chair, and we've eaten many beach lunches and snacks on it. It comes in a little carrying case and fits perfectly in my beach bag. It's fantastic!

2. Umbrella Pole Table is another must have. We actually just got this one this year. It quickly became perfect for Madeline. She played under the umbrella for hours, so having her little set-up for lunches, snacks, her drink and more worked perfectly. We'd find ourselves putting anything we didn't want to loose on the sand on here as well, such as her toys and shells we wanted to take back with us. It has a few compartments and drink slots. It also comes with a carrying case and two screws that tightly secure it onto the umbrella pole.

3. A Mist Spray Bottle is another item I personally love to have. I'll keep it in our cooler. We use it to mist us down to cool off, clean out hands from the sand and sometimes Madeline will come out of the ocean with her eyes burning, so misting this on a clean towel and setting it on her eyes solves that completely. 

4. We also have and LOVE this lunch box  and triple snack container. Some days we use just one, others both. But It's so much more environmentally friendly and cost efficient to use these rather than plastic bags. The lunch box is one Madeline actually uses all throughout the year, not just at the beach and it has surely come in handy. The triple snack container is awesome because you can put fruit/veggies in one, crackers in the other and dip in the third. It's great being able to separate them all yet snap them all together. They both come in several colors. 

5. This one is kind of a given, but a cup to keep your drink cold and ice from melting all day long is a MUST! This is especially true if you're out at the beach during the super warm months. I've had this yeti one for quite some time and it's worth the investment. 

6. I also really like having a set of re-usable straws. This set has been so fun to have. You never know which designs you'll get, but that's also kinda exciting because it's always a surprise. In the set, I've gotten the cutest colors, prints and even specific holiday straws. 

7. The cooler backpack was another new one for me this year but it quickly became a necessity! There's always SO much to carry down to the beach, so being able to carry something on your back instead of it requiring your hands is a must. This cooler is very insulated and kept everything nice and cold. It has several pockets and cup holders on the side. I highly recommend it!

8. Silicone beach toys were a purchase for us back in February for our first beach trip of the year. Let me tell y'all, they're awesome! Being silicone, they hold up so much better because they don't easily crack. You can also so easily keep them clean. After our beach trip, I'll toss them into a cycle in the washer to get them nice and clean for our next beach trip. They come with a carrying case. And also being silicone, you can easy squash them into your luggage, not allowing them to take up much space.

9. This mini fan is another one we've had for a few years and love. Since the legs are bendable, you can easily wrap it around the umbrella pole or the arm of your chair. You can prop the legs up and set it out one a table. You can wrap it around a stroller or bike. Really, the options are endless! It has three speed settings AND LED lights. It's also rechargeable, so you never have to worry about batteries.  

10.  Last but certainly not least is this sunscreen for your part! We started using Coola sunscreen this year and LOVE it! It's a clean sunscreen brand (farm to face is their motto). Madeline and I pretty much every day wear our hair parted, so this worked wonders! Almost three weeks at the beach out in the sun almost every day, we never once had burns parts. It mists on, so it's really refreshing and doesn't make your hair oily at all. Highly recommend and a must have for us!

Here are a few photos of our must-haves in the wild haha. And if you want another visual, be sure to check out my reel on IG. I'll share more of how to set up the little tables, the backpack, etc. 

Beach Must-Haves - Something Delightful Blog #Summer #BeachMusthaves #AmazonFinds #BeachWithKids
Beach Must-Haves - Something Delightful Blog #Summer #BeachMusthaves #AmazonFinds #BeachWithKids
Beach Must-Haves - Something Delightful Blog #Summer #BeachMusthaves #AmazonFinds #BeachWithKids
Beach Must-Haves - Something Delightful Blog #Summer #BeachMusthaves #AmazonFinds #BeachWithKids
Beach Must-Haves - Something Delightful Blog #Summer #BeachMusthaves #AmazonFinds #BeachWithKids

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