Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Beach Must-Have Items

 Hi friends and happy Tuesday! This past weekend we got back from almost four weeks at the beach. And goodness that time flew by! Looking back on it all, it feels like such a dream. We went from falling asleep at night to the waves crashing outside our condo to falling asleep to the sound of frogs croaking haha. Anyways, after spending weeks at the beach, I feel like I have a pretty good idea of my absolute beach must-have items. These are items we used every single beach day, found to be so nifty and simply couldn't do without. Whether you're off to the beach, lake, pool, whatever, I feel like a lot of these items are just summer must-haves in general. See them all below!

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I feel like this is kind of common knowledge, but a beach umbrella is a must-have for sure. We couldn't do without ours! Especially if you're going to be out on the beach a lot, it's important to have some shade. Madeline couldn't do without it.

This metal umbrella anchor is the only one that I've been able to actually get into the sand and secure our umbrellas. It also has to different size umbrella pole options. It works great!

Beach Chairs are a must! I got these cute pink ones for me and Madeline this year. I love having one that's low to the ground. They're SO cute too! I found them on sale for $49 (reg. $70). They held up very well, and I'm very pleased with them!

After some trial and error, I've found it's important to have a beach towel that folds up to not take up a lot of space AND dries quickly! This one on Amazon are so cute and has great reviews.

My sister taught me this trick. If you're like me and Madeline and hate having your hands sandy, this comes in handy! After we've been digging in the sand, even the ocean water can leave my hands feeling so sticky. Madeline especially has a pet peeve with this. It was great having a water bottle to spray our hands with. 

Ok y'all these are so awesome! They're sturdy, clip onto your chair and can hold even pretty heavy drinks. You can choose from several colors OR to work with a cup that has a handle.

This little fan is pretty powerful, especially for its size. It has three fan speeds and LED lights. I love how you can wrap the legs around an umbrella poll, arm of a beach chair, etc. It comes in black and blue as well as pink. 

As moms, we tend to be carrying down A LOT to the beach. A cooler was a must for keeping some extra drinks cool, keeping our lunch cool until we were ready to eat it, yogurt, etc. I love the idea of being able to carry it on your back. Comes in several colors.

I used my insulated cups everyday at the beach. It helped so much with keeping my drink cool for as long as possible. I couldn't do the beach without one! Madeline usually drank out of mine most of the day, so I like having an extra large one to keep refilling with water or Frescas from the cooler. I also LOVE this cute reusable straw set. The fun part is that you never know what prints and design straws you'll get. Sometimes leopard print, gingham, stripes, it's always a surprise!

I loved having this lunch box for Madeline. It was awesome for packing her lunches in each day for the beach. It comes in several colors. This triple layer snack container (and if you follow me on IG, you know) is one of my favorite Amazon finds ever and one so many of y'all grabbed up as well! It has three stackable sections, one of them having a lid. It also comes with a divider for one layer if you want to add in some dip for one of your snacks. It's awesome and also comes in several colors. 

A sturdy beach bag is a must! I absolutely love the Simply Southern Beach Totes but they're sold out pretty much everywhere. This straw one however ended up being SO sturdy. I packed probably way too much in it, yet it continued to hold up wonderfully and is so cute!

I purchased a similar visor to this one (which is much more affordable and just as cute) and it was one of those must-have items I didn't take out of my beach tote so I could have it everyday on the beach. I love having one that I can still wear my buns and ponytails with. The best part about it being a neutral straw is that it goes with everything!

This nifty little table was quite possibly my favorite beach item purchased. Y'all it's awesome and the cutest little thing! It weighs just a little over a pound and folds up to nicely fit in your beach bag. It has a carrying case that it slides into as well. Comes in a few colors. I love it so much because it allowed us to have our beach lunches and snacks in the sand yet out of the sand!

These were Madeline's must-have beach items. She LOVED playing beach restaurant with her beach baking and cooking sets. These sand toys have been her favorites for a few years now. They're so cute and fun!

If you're off to the beach, these items are so nifty and beach must-haves. If you have any favorites I left out, let me know in the comments below!

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