Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Let God Write Your Story: Encouragement in Waiting

 Hello friends! I'm excited to be writing a post today in hopes of doing what my heart loves to do most of all...encourage. Knowing I can pass on a few words of encouragement that may in some way give you a great, big hug from afar and remind you of just how loved you are, even if it touches just one of y'all, makes it totally worth sharing. There's nothing more beautiful than being able to uplift one another in this walk of life and point each other to Christ. 

Through my journey of reading God's Word, I continually find what I like to call "Hidden Treasures" of messages that seem to fit exactly what I'm going through. They seem to be exactly what I needed to hear that day. I'm telling y'all, I once used to be that girl who was so intimidated by the Bible, but let me just say...never underestimate how Scripture can be tailored exactly for YOU and whatever you may be facing in your personal life story. I have seen that time and time again, and what a blessing it has been for me. 

All of this to say, I just finished up reading the book of John. A few weeks ago, reading in chapter five, I certainly had one of those "Thank you, Lord. This was exactly what I needed to hear." moments. And it has been on my heart ever since. Have y'all ever been in a situation where you've fervently prayed for something. And are continuing to? Do you feel frustration from it? Do you start to feel agitated to a state where you're saying "Lord, why aren't you answering my prayers?" or maybe ever "Lord, where are you? Do you hear me?" You're looking at your life and find yourself continuing to throw out those if only phrases. And bottom line boil it down to "why doesn't my life look like this? I've prayed so hard about it." This is what society portrays it to be, this is what those around me seem to have working for them, "Lord, don't you know I need this?!"

I'd say most of us could probably relate to what I typed out above. We're human. And having those thoughts and feelings can feel natural at times. If you've felt some of that or have found yourself saying something similar, I have so been there with you. Recently, actually, which is why I'm sharing this with you today. I read John chapter five, and a realization struck me. It resonated with me in a much more powerful way than Jesus performing a miracle. It's given me a new mindset. Let's dig into it a little more:

The Story

In John chapter five, we read that Jesus had just arrived back in Jerusalem for a festival. He passes by a pool, where many individuals with disabilities would gather. The pool was thought to have healing abilities due to the minerals it contained, taking on a red-ish color believed to have medicinal value. There was one individual who had been laying there, disabled for thirty-eight years (wow, talk about waiting! And we get frustrated when our Prime delivery is a day late.)! Jesus goes up to him and proceeds to ask him "Do you want to get well?" The individual begins to explain how he has no one to help him get into the pool when the water (minerals, giving the water that healing ability) are stirred. He also adds that when he is about to try and get in, other people jump in front of him. Then, Jesus simply speaks a few words: "Get up! Pick up your mat and walk." At once, this invalid of thirty-eight years, picks up his mat and walks. He proclaimed that Jesus had made him well. 

My thoughts

I at first read this and thought, ok this another story of Jesus healing someone, that's amazing and all. However, a totally different lesson began to register with me. It hit me on a whole new level. God spoke something to my heart that addressed some of those exact feelings I was having. I want to share those with y'all today. Let's break the chapter down a little more.

"Do you want to get well?"

I found this question to take on a different meaning in my heart. As I read this, I started to wonder why Jesus proposed this question. Doesn't Jesus know this man's heart?! With that, I start to ask well then why do I pray? Again, doesn't Jesus know my heart?! But I firmly believe, Jesus doesn't just want to know our hearts, He wants to HEAR our hearts! He wants us to come to Him, resting on that foundation of Faith. God's Word tells us over and over to pray without ceasing, seek His face continually, etc. God wants us to come to Him. Maybe by asking this question, Jesus wanted to see more of what healing looked like in his eyes? What it mostly brought my heart to is the statement: Believe in What You Pray For. I have to stop and ask myself this sometimes. After praying about something for a long time, it's easy to grow weary. I have to take a step back and truly ask if I believe with all my heart that God can do exceedingly, above all I could ever ask or think. Believing in what you pray for is so important to our prayer walk. 

"I have no one to help me into the pool when the water is stirred. While I am trying to get in, someone else goes down ahead of me."

This next portion, verse seven, so powerfully resonated with me. Thirty-Eight years y'all!! You can hear the frustration in this person's voice. The struggle. He is telling Jesus that he has tried so very hard to get into this pool at that moment the minerals are stirred. He's saying he has no one to help him get in, AND to top it off, just as he tries to, others jump in front of him. 

I can't help but think on how weary he felt. How close he came to (or how many times) he gave up. How ultimately frustrated he was! He's there saying "ok, this is what I have to do in order to be healed. I have to find a way to get into this pool." He saw his assignment ahead of him, yet no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't quite make it. And to top it off, others kept beating him to the punch. 

"Get Up! Pick up your mat and walk."

Then just like that, with a few words spoken, this individual is healed. Jesus simply told him to get up, pick up his mat and walk. Just by his speaking he was healed. 

Let God Write Your Story: Encouragement in Waiting - Something Delightful Blog #JohnFive #Encouragement #Waiting

My Takeaways

Oh friends, typing out my thoughts on this brings me to such a peaceful understanding God laid on my heart through meditating on this passage. So many times, I will fixate myself on the way, the process, the steps I need to take in order to "just get there." To reach that next level. To accomplish a task. And even more so, think on how my life should look. I will narrow my scope, pray in such a way to where I'm almost presenting a checklist to God, saying "Here Lord! I know you're here and it would be great if you could do this so my life will look like this." And you know what? When I don't see prayers answered in the way I feel they should be, I grow weary. Sounds familiar? I feel like this individual from John five in need of healing could agree with us. Ultimately, I'm trying to write my script. Just as this man felt his story should look, I'll do the exact same thing with mine. Then all of the sudden in a split second, Jesus steps in and says get up and walk! Let Me write your story. I have something so much better for you. 

This also encouraged me to PRAY BIG! Y'all there's absolutely nothing stopping us! Instead of fixating prayers what I feel I need to make my life go a certain way, know that God can do exceedingly above all we could ever ask or think! His way is always so much better. 

I also know how notorious I am with overcomplicating things. Can any of y'all relate? I'll be faced with something in life and feel like I have to do this, that the other to make it all work out. I can't help but think in verse seven, as this person is explaining what he has to do in order to be healed, Jesus is saying "rest". "Take a deep breath." Because when I look at the individuals thoughts on healing compared to the way Jesus healed, one looks a lot more simple. 

One more takeaway for me that I want to share with y'all. As this man is telling Jesus that each time he tries to get in the pool, someone else jumps in front of him, I can't help but think on comparing our individual journeys to someone else's. Comparison is a vicious trap! When you've been praying for something, it is so easy to get caught up in seeing what other people have and how things may look for them. And again, just as this man is seeing the way he should be healed compared to the way others are being healed, Jesus shows him the unique story He has in store. His way to being healed. And goodness is it a beautiful one. 

I wanted to share all of this with y'all today, truly hoping it can encourage your heart. Friends if you've been praying for something, if you feel weary in your walk, if you're growing weary, can I just encourage you to pray big?! Look at what you're praying for and ask yourself, "could it be that God just may have something for me that's bigger, more beautiful, more amazing than I could have every imagined?" Because just when you think your story should look a certain way, God says hold up, take a deep breath, I am sufficient for you, let me write your story. I have something in store for you that is abundantly more than you could ever ask or thing. Two of my favorite devotionals, The Quiet Place by Nancy DeMoss and Seeing Beautiful Again by Lysa TerKeurst, reminded me of how precious this lesson is and seemed to confirm to me it's something God wants me to grasp hold of . I actually read these on the same day and the day after I read John chapter five.

"God can be trusted to operate within His perfect timing, according to His good, sovereign, eternal will. It's God's responsibility to orchestrate the events and details of our lives." - Nancy DeMoss

"God loves us too much to answer our prayers at any other time than the right time and in any other way but the right way." - Lysa TerKeurst

I so hope this can encourage y'all to pray big and trust the God of the universe, who created you fearfully and wonderfully, to write your beautiful story. Waiting is hard. There's no doubt about it. But when we can trust Him to write a beautiful story for us, so much peace will result. So get up! Pick up your mat and walk in the confidence of the author of your story. 

Sending a great, big hug y'alls way! Thanks for stopping by.  

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Our Beach Photos 2021

 Hi friends! I'm back today to share a special post, that always feels so special to share with y'all. The first year I took Madeline to New Smyrna Beach, I found this pretty little beach spot. For some reason, everything just seems quieter there. It's beside the boardwalk, the dunes in the background and the ocean as well.  Each year I go back there, wondering if it will still feel the same, and sure enough it does. I am so thankful that all but one year since being Madeline's Mama, I've gotten to go back here and take some special photos with her. I'm excited to share them with y'all again this year!

Beach Photos 2021 - Something Delightful Blog #beachphotos #motherdaughter #lifeofasinglemom #newsmyrnabeach
Beach Photos 2021 - Something Delightful Blog #beachphotos #motherdaughter #lifeofasinglemom #newsmyrnabeach
Beach Photos 2021 - Something Delightful Blog #beachphotos #motherdaughter #lifeofasinglemom #newsmyrnabeach

They're so special to me because I am able to look back at them as I'm suddenly filled with so many joyful memories made on our time at NSB (not to mention look on how much my sweet girl has grown, how far we've come just me and her). But as I mentioned above, this place never seems to change. I have to admit, I'm not big on change. Yes, change can so many times be a good thing. At times be a blessing, and I've even found myself praying for change at times. But for the most part, I'm such a creature of habit. Especially when it comes to New Smyrna Beach. I think it's because it holds so many special memories for me. 

Beach Photos 2021 - Something Delightful Blog #beachphotos #motherdaughter #lifeofasinglemom #newsmyrnabeach
Beach Photos 2021 - Something Delightful Blog #beachphotos #motherdaughter #lifeofasinglemom #newsmyrnabeach
Beach Photos 2021 - Something Delightful Blog #beachphotos #motherdaughter #lifeofasinglemom #newsmyrnabeach

It's so much more than a vacation spot. It's where my grandmother 70+ years ago started visiting her uncle who had moved there. It's where over 30 years ago my family decided to take my sister there again to just see what it was like. It's memories of playing with my sister and brothers. My granddad teaching us to swim there. Beach walks with my mom and grandmother, looking for shells. Playing with my Uncle Doug, watching his love for the beach shine like no other. Having coffee on the porch with my dad. And now so many special memories with my own daughter there. Overall, I always come back to the conclusion, even though our family has certainly changed over the years, New Smyrna Beach never does. I think that's why the creature of habit in me loves it so much. I think that's why I year after year, find it to be a place where I can truly free my mind and loose all sense of time (if you've heard the song coastline by Hollow Coves then you know what I'm talking about).

Beach Photos 2021 - Something Delightful Blog #beachphotos #motherdaughter #lifeofasinglemom #newsmyrnabeach
Beach Photos 2021 - Something Delightful Blog #beachphotos #motherdaughter #lifeofasinglemom #newsmyrnabeach
Beach Photos 2021 - Something Delightful Blog #beachphotos #motherdaughter #lifeofasinglemom #newsmyrnabeach

It's so crazy to come back to this same spot and think I once stood here holding Madeline as a baby...a tiny two month old! And look at her now. I think most of all, it can't believe that we sat there with my Uncle Doug just two years ago. Those photos with him are probably the most special of all! Y'all see, we almost didn't take them. It had been such a rainy day! It was also our last day there. But we decided to go for it and take the photos anyways, even if it meant getting rained on. And we did! Doug and Madeline giggled the entire time. As we were taking them, I couldn't help but think are these even going to turn out?! But now I see them as the last time my Uncle Doug got to step foot in the sand and one of my best last memories with him. I look at our photos with him and smile because I can't imagine with Heaven's seashore looks like to him right now. When we were taking them this year, it was like I could just see him! I felt extra close to him. And the most brilliant sunset appeared. 

Beach Photos 2021 - Something Delightful Blog #beachphotos #motherdaughter #lifeofasinglemom #newsmyrnabeach
Beach Photos 2021 - Something Delightful Blog #beachphotos #motherdaughter #lifeofasinglemom #newsmyrnabeach
Beach Photos 2021 - Something Delightful Blog #beachphotos #motherdaughter #lifeofasinglemom #newsmyrnabeach
Beach Photos 2021 - Something Delightful Blog #beachphotos #motherdaughter #lifeofasinglemom #newsmyrnabeach

All of this to say, if you ever find yourself in a moment where it seems like things won't work out. Where the weather may not cooperate, if you're pressed for time, life is too busy, forget all of that and take the time! Take the time to make than phone call, to stop by and say hi, give one more hug, take that photo to capture a memory, say I love you, whatever it may be. Push those thoughts aside, even if it means you just need to dance in the rain. You may just end up with a memory you'll hold onto forever and you'll be SO thankful you have. It's SO worth it!

Beach Photos 2021 - Something Delightful Blog #beachphotos #motherdaughter #lifeofasinglemom #newsmyrnabeach

I'm so thankful to have special photos again with Madeline this year. Do you have a special place that means so much more to you? At the beach, the lake, the mountains, etc.? 

This year at the beach also seemed a little extra special because (and if you follow me on IG, you know) I ended up writing a children's book! It was based off an idea of something we love to do. Madeline and I ended up putting a fun twist on it and focused our imaginations on it each day. We told my mom and she told me I needed to turn it into a children's book. I thought about the idea for a little, decided to play around with the wording some and it was so crazy, y'all! It's like the words just came to me. I really can't explain it. In two days I had the book pretty much written. It feels so special to me. I really don't know what I'll do with it next. Asking God to open doors and help me find what I need to bring the book to life. I'm excited to share the journey with y'all, if it does work out :) 

Thanks for stopping by, friends!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Beach Must-Have Items

 Hi friends and happy Tuesday! This past weekend we got back from almost four weeks at the beach. And goodness that time flew by! Looking back on it all, it feels like such a dream. We went from falling asleep at night to the waves crashing outside our condo to falling asleep to the sound of frogs croaking haha. Anyways, after spending weeks at the beach, I feel like I have a pretty good idea of my absolute beach must-have items. These are items we used every single beach day, found to be so nifty and simply couldn't do without. Whether you're off to the beach, lake, pool, whatever, I feel like a lot of these items are just summer must-haves in general. See them all below!

Beach Must-Have Items - Something Delightful Blog #BeachMustHaves #BeachWithKids #BeachAccessories #AmazonBeachFinds

I feel like this is kind of common knowledge, but a beach umbrella is a must-have for sure. We couldn't do without ours! Especially if you're going to be out on the beach a lot, it's important to have some shade. Madeline couldn't do without it.

This metal umbrella anchor is the only one that I've been able to actually get into the sand and secure our umbrellas. It also has to different size umbrella pole options. It works great!

Beach Chairs are a must! I got these cute pink ones for me and Madeline this year. I love having one that's low to the ground. They're SO cute too! I found them on sale for $49 (reg. $70). They held up very well, and I'm very pleased with them!

After some trial and error, I've found it's important to have a beach towel that folds up to not take up a lot of space AND dries quickly! This one on Amazon are so cute and has great reviews.

My sister taught me this trick. If you're like me and Madeline and hate having your hands sandy, this comes in handy! After we've been digging in the sand, even the ocean water can leave my hands feeling so sticky. Madeline especially has a pet peeve with this. It was great having a water bottle to spray our hands with. 

Ok y'all these are so awesome! They're sturdy, clip onto your chair and can hold even pretty heavy drinks. You can choose from several colors OR to work with a cup that has a handle.

This little fan is pretty powerful, especially for its size. It has three fan speeds and LED lights. I love how you can wrap the legs around an umbrella poll, arm of a beach chair, etc. It comes in black and blue as well as pink. 

As moms, we tend to be carrying down A LOT to the beach. A cooler was a must for keeping some extra drinks cool, keeping our lunch cool until we were ready to eat it, yogurt, etc. I love the idea of being able to carry it on your back. Comes in several colors.

I used my insulated cups everyday at the beach. It helped so much with keeping my drink cool for as long as possible. I couldn't do the beach without one! Madeline usually drank out of mine most of the day, so I like having an extra large one to keep refilling with water or Frescas from the cooler. I also LOVE this cute reusable straw set. The fun part is that you never know what prints and design straws you'll get. Sometimes leopard print, gingham, stripes, it's always a surprise!

I loved having this lunch box for Madeline. It was awesome for packing her lunches in each day for the beach. It comes in several colors. This triple layer snack container (and if you follow me on IG, you know) is one of my favorite Amazon finds ever and one so many of y'all grabbed up as well! It has three stackable sections, one of them having a lid. It also comes with a divider for one layer if you want to add in some dip for one of your snacks. It's awesome and also comes in several colors. 

A sturdy beach bag is a must! I absolutely love the Simply Southern Beach Totes but they're sold out pretty much everywhere. This straw one however ended up being SO sturdy. I packed probably way too much in it, yet it continued to hold up wonderfully and is so cute!

I purchased a similar visor to this one (which is much more affordable and just as cute) and it was one of those must-have items I didn't take out of my beach tote so I could have it everyday on the beach. I love having one that I can still wear my buns and ponytails with. The best part about it being a neutral straw is that it goes with everything!

This nifty little table was quite possibly my favorite beach item purchased. Y'all it's awesome and the cutest little thing! It weighs just a little over a pound and folds up to nicely fit in your beach bag. It has a carrying case that it slides into as well. Comes in a few colors. I love it so much because it allowed us to have our beach lunches and snacks in the sand yet out of the sand!

These were Madeline's must-have beach items. She LOVED playing beach restaurant with her beach baking and cooking sets. These sand toys have been her favorites for a few years now. They're so cute and fun!

If you're off to the beach, these items are so nifty and beach must-haves. If you have any favorites I left out, let me know in the comments below!

Saturday, June 19, 2021

To The (Hair) Rescue With Pantene

Thank you to Pantene for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

 Hi friends! Goodness, am I excited for today's blog post. When I find a product by a brand I trust and love that absolutely 100% truly works, I can't wait to share it with y'all. I'm pretty sure we've all heard someone say "beach hair, don't care." at some point, and that's fun and all at first. However after being out in the sun, in the pool, washing your hair each day then applying heat to quickly blow it dry in time for dinner, the damage begins to show up, and I quickly take back that fun little phrase.

I mentioned how finding a product by a brand you trust is always exciting, and let me just say, Pantene is that for me! I can remember growing up, my sis and I always had Pantene in our shower. It was just one of those things my mom would buy for us to share. We shared everything from shampoo to underwear haha (yes, I said underwear...will never ever forget the time we got our underwear mixed up due to my mama buying us the same pack in different sizes...I was running after my sister and her friends, ya know trying to be that cool little sister, when suddenly my underwear fell out  from under my dress, YIKES!). Anyways, back to my point, Pantene is always something we had growing up. Why? Because it's a brand you can trust

To The (Hair) Rescue With Pantene : Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection - Something Delightful Blog #DrugstoreHairCare #Pantene #ReverseDamagedHair #AffordableHairCare
To The (Hair) Rescue With Pantene : Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection - Something Delightful Blog #DrugstoreHairCare #Pantene #ReverseDamagedHair #AffordableHairCare
To The (Hair) Rescue With Pantene : Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection - Something Delightful Blog #DrugstoreHairCare #Pantene #ReverseDamagedHair #AffordableHairCare

That's why I'm here today to share a collection that has truly come to the rescue for me (and Madeline) here at the beach. Drumroll please...The Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection! This collection is affordable, one you can pick up from your local drugstore and the best part? IT WORKS! I've paid $60+ for those fancy treatments in the salon, but the Miracle Rescue Shots by Pantene are just $10, one you can do at home, take on vacay with you and save you some $$.  

To The (Hair) Rescue With Pantene : Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection - Something Delightful Blog #DrugstoreHairCare #Pantene #ReverseDamagedHair #AffordableHairCare

Let me tell y'all why I needed some hair help ASAP. Here at the beach, our routine is tons of fun but not so much for my hair. I usually will style it for the beach, will have the sun on my hair a lot of the day, get in the chlorine pool with Madeline, come in and shower, have to quickly get ready for dinner which calls for applying heat, then repeating the routine all over again the next day. My hair is also color treated! Not only had I started noticing my hair becoming coarse and losing its shine, but also the ends were starting to look dull and damaged. I needed some hair rescuing quickly. There are a few drugstores here, so it's awesome having something you can quickly pick up. With the first time using the Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection, I noticed so much moisture back into my hair. Continuing to use it, I've noticed more shine and the ends feeling healthier. I needed something to help reverse that "beach hair, don't care" damage I was seeing, plus prevent further damage. Now it's more like "Beach hair, do care" haha!

To The (Hair) Rescue With Pantene : Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection - Something Delightful Blog #DrugstoreHairCare #Pantene #ReverseDamagedHair #AffordableHairCare

Let me walk y'all through the steps of using the collection. 

Step One: Lather my hair with Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Shampoo. Moisture is key! This shampoo offers 24 hour hydration. 

Step Two: Condition my hair with the Pantene Miracle Rescue Deep Conditioning Treatment. This conditioner conditions like no other. Honestly, much better than more expensive conditioners.

Step Three: Every couple of days, I have used a tube of the Pantene Miracle Rescue shot. I'll coat my hair from about mid-way down to the ends, which is where the signs of damage are most visible. Being able to add that moisture back into my ends is what my sun-soaked hair was craving. 

Step Four: Now for my favorite product of all, the Pantene Pro-V Miracle Rescue Mix-In Treatment. Y'all this stuff is a total game-changer! It's like the icing on the cake. I will use about four pumps of this and again coat my hair from about mid-way to the ends. This refreshed my hair like no other to help visibly restore my dry ends. 

To The (Hair) Rescue With Pantene : Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection - Something Delightful Blog #DrugstoreHairCare #Pantene #ReverseDamagedHair #AffordableHairCare
To The (Hair) Rescue With Pantene : Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection - Something Delightful Blog #DrugstoreHairCare #Pantene #ReverseDamagedHair #AffordableHairCare

My hair has so needed a Miracle Rescue and this collection has been just that (living up to its name). I also have to mention that being here at the beach for a month, I've quickly seen the Florida humidity is no joke! Adding more moisture, I've visibly noticed a difference with how my hair has handled the humid frizz with the smoothness it's achieved. 

To The (Hair) Rescue With Pantene : Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection - Something Delightful Blog #DrugstoreHairCare #Pantene #ReverseDamagedHair #AffordableHairCare
To The (Hair) Rescue With Pantene : Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection - Something Delightful Blog #DrugstoreHairCare #Pantene #ReverseDamagedHair #AffordableHairCare

I also have to mention another HUGE win we have seen with the Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection. Madeline's hair has taken a hit with the summer beach fun. Her hair will be in the sun, in the salt water, in the chlorine pool, back in the sun, back to the pool, to the shower, dried with a blow dryer, etc. Her hair tends to tangle like nothing I've ever seen (I have to braid it before she goes to bed at night). And to top it all off, she has the most sensitive scalp on the planet! I have tried everything on her hair since we've been here, higher end shampoos and conditioners, hair masks, leave-in conditioners, and nothing has worked. I've even purchased special brushes and have had to cut knots out of her hair. But I kid y'all not, the Pantene Miracle Rescue collection is the only thing that has worked wonders on her hair. The first time I tried the Daily Moisture Renewal shampoo, Miracle Rescue Deep Conditioning Treatment and the Moisture Mix-In Treatment, she stepped out of the shower, and I was able to get a normal brush straight through her without hitting any tangles. I was shocked!! and so so relieved to finally find something to avoid those tangly hiccups. Madeline was excited too.

I could not recommend this collection to y'all enough! It's so true and important to realize that your hair is something you wear every day. Take the very best care of it, and instead it's now "Beach Hair, do care" for us :)  The Pantene Miracle Rescue collection has helped to get past the damage I was seeing from all our beach fun and continue to enjoy the summer fun and sun. Just when I found myself saying we need to cut out some of this pool and sun time, we're actually ready to put our best foot (more like hair haha) forward for more fun in the sun with the Miracle Rescue Collection. Y'all have to check it out!

Thanks so much for stopping by, friends!


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