Thursday, January 21, 2021

What I Use To Style My Straight Hair (Lob Haircut)

 Hi Friends! I hope y'all are having a great Thursday. Speaking of, happy Friday Eve!! :) Every once in a while, I like to do a little updated hair routine. I'm going on five years since getting my hair chopped, and I love it more and more every day. I've gotten it to more of an angled lob style, which has made me love wearing it straight more than curly. I've gotten some recent questions, and when sharing it, I always like to put it into a static blog post so that y'all will be able to easily access the products + tools I use. I will be sharing more on using these via IG stories today (and will save to highlights under "Straight Hair" once they expire).

What I Use To Style My Straight Hair (Lob Haircut)  - Something Delightful Blog

I always use the Kristen Ess Thickening Spray + the Kristen Ess Volume Mouse on the day I wash my hair. I have a fine hair texture, so this combination helps so much with thickening things up. I normally don't use dry shampoo until about day three or four. But this warm vanilla sugar scent by Not Your Mothers smells soooo good! Also, are any of y'all also a huge fan of Wet Brushes?! Madeline has a few, and they are my absolute favorite for her! Her hair gets so tangly and she has a sensitive head, so these have been the best for her! And not going to lie, I've loved using hers too haha. For the styling process, I like to straighten my hair first. I just go through, and especially focus on straightening the pieces that frame my face. I have been using this Remington straighter for a few years now and love it. I had forgotten about how affordable it is! And here's the trick, after I've straightened my hair, I go over it with my revlon roll brush styler! It's so true that straightening tends to take the volume out, so using the roll brush after helps to add the volume back in and shape it. Once I've used these two, I have the shape I want back into my hair. Then, I'll tease a few sections (usually a little on the front two sections and the back). Then I'll spray some of the Living Proof Volume Blast Spray to the sections I've teased, massage that into my hair and I've got loads of volume! Then I'll go over the front pieces lightly with hairspray

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