Friday, January 15, 2021

Valentine's Day Decor

 Hi friends! and Happy Friday! Continuing on with some Valentine fun, I rounded up some cute (and affordable) Valentine's Day decor to share with y'all today. We officially got all of the Christmas decor down last week. I finally convinced Madeline that we had to get her tree down and the garland off her window. Plus, we really needed the floor space where her tree was to put one of her presents there. She was sad to see them get taken down, and I have to admit, it looks a little bare without it being there. However, one of the ways I convinced her to get them down was by telling her we could put up some cute Valentine decor! We definitely won't be going all out like Christmas haha but just put up a few fun things here and there. She requested hearts all over her door, window and bed. We probably won't exactly be able to make that happen haha, but I've found some cute banners and such to add the perfect Valentine touch. Valentine's Day always helps me get over the Christmas blues. 

My go-to places to look for cute, festive decor are usually Target, Michaels and Etsy. See the finds I rounded up below:

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