Saturday, November 21, 2020

Gift Ideas 2020: Gifts For Guys

 Hi friends and happy Saturday! I'm excited to kick off my 2020 gift guides. I asked on IG stories what y'all wanted to see and who y'all needed help shopping for, and gifts for the guys was by far the biggest request. I can't agree more, they men on my list are definitely the most challenging to shop for, so I decided to tackle the most difficult first. I've rounded up fifty gift ideas for the guys. I feel like there's something on here for guys from teen ages and up. And I also tried tried categorize them, so that you could pair a few, if needed. There are a lot of categories included. 

I also wanted to mention that I have given a lot of these gift to guys on my list, and they were huge hits. First I want to mention #18. This massager was a gift to my dad two Christmases ago. He said it's by far the best thing I've ever given him. He uses it daily. You can even take it in the car with you. It's a great under $50 option. Next up, #5, the Hover Helmet. This thing is so cool and a great gift idea for the guy who has a favorite sports team. These come in pro and college teams, hockey teams, baseball teams, you name it! I've given one to my brothers and bro-in-law, and they love it! I have #9, the one cup coffee maker, for myself, and it's great! It makes a pretty awesome cup of coffee and is under $50. Just see the reviews for yourself. The maker + a Yeti coffee mug would be a great gift! I've also given an Ugg robe and Ugg slippers to my granddad, and he LOVES them! They're a but pricier, but something he will use for years. Next I want to mention #12, the Viking Razor! I have given this to my dad as well, and he again reminds me multiple times a week of just how awesome it is. I have also given the flashlight gloves to a few, and have heard they really come in handy (see what I did there haha?). I have also given #32 to my Granddad. He loves to stargaze and birdwatch. He takes this along with him when he travels and has also told me many times that he loves it.  I also have given the fishing backpack to a few guys in my family which again was a huge hit. Last thing to mention, the Old Navy puffer vest! I know it's clothing and isn't all that exciting, but the guys I've given it to have loved it!!! 

Gift Ideas 2020: Gifts For Guys - Something Delightful Blog
Gift Ideas 2020: Gifts For Guys - Something Delightful Blog
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I hope this post has been helpful and given some ideas. Thanks so much for stopping by, friends :)

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