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Halloween 2019: A Beauty & The Beast Halloween

Halloween 2019: A Beauty & The Beast Halloween - Something Delightful Blog #familycostumeideas #beautyandthebeast #halloween #costumeideas
Halloween 2019: A Beauty & The Beast Halloween - Something Delightful Blog #familycostumeideas #beautyandthebeast #halloween #costumeideas
Halloween 2019: A Beauty & The Beast Halloween - Something Delightful Blog #familycostumeideas #beautyandthebeast #halloween #costumeideas
Halloween 2019: A Beauty & The Beast Halloween - Something Delightful Blog #familycostumeideas #beautyandthebeast #halloween #costumeideas
Halloween 2019: A Beauty & The Beast Halloween - Something Delightful Blog #familycostumeideas #beautyandthebeast #halloween #costumeideas
Halloween 2019: A Beauty & The Beast Halloween - Something Delightful Blog #familycostumeideas #beautyandthebeast #halloween #costumeideas
Halloween 2019: A Beauty & The Beast Halloween - Something Delightful Blog #familycostumeideas #beautyandthebeast #halloween #costumeideas
Halloween 2019: A Beauty & The Beast Halloween - Something Delightful Blog #familycostumeideas #beautyandthebeast #halloween #costumeideas
Halloween 2019: A Beauty & The Beast Halloween - Something Delightful Blog #familycostumeideas #beautyandthebeast #halloween #costumeideas

Happy Thursday, friends! Yes, I know that we are a week past Halloween, but I didn't want time to get away from me without sharing a post on our Halloween 2019 theme. It all started with Madeline's desire to be Belle for Halloween. Each year, we participate in a Halloween costume contest in the mountains, usually a week or so before Halloween. It's seriously a group effort, but I honestly LOVE the whole family themed costume idea, so I guess you could just go ahead and say I'M HERE FOR IT! :) Of course Madeline and I were two of the characters, along with our pup Jaycee. And this year, my sister's dog (aka my fur-nephew), Charlie joined in on the fun as well. Madeline is just crazy about him and he also loves her so much. So with that, we knew he would be the perfect Beast. And if y'all were wondering, yes, we did win the contest for the third year in a row, actually haha. Madeline planned out what she wanted each us to be. She desired to be Belle, she appointed me to be Mrs. Potts, Jaycee to be Chip and Charlie of course the Beast. I love the way it turned out!

Now I have to go into a little bit of detail on why this theme has a special place in my heart as well. Growing up, this was one of mine and my sister's favorite movies. And "Tale As Old As Time" was one of our favorite songs to dance to. I can remember it so perfectly! Us seeing who could dance the most gracefully and dancing with out dad. When I hear of this song, I instantly think of me and Hannah. Fast forward to 2019, this same song was played at my Hannah's wedding back in March. The quartet of cello, violins and piano played "Tale As Old As Time" for the grandmothers and mothers to walk into and y'all...QUE THE TEARS! It was one of the sweetest moments ever. Madeline also loves t dance to this song and everyone was bawling haha. This song will forever hold a special place in my heart.

I also want to share this post because I did receive quite a few questions on our costumes: "Did you craft these", "Where did you find these", "Where did you find that teapot hat" and more. Unfortunately I just haven't been able to get back to all the questions. So, I thought this post would help! I did make one thing, but the bulk is from extremely talented individuals on Etsy. I also wanted to share this as a special thank you to them as well. I'll go through each below:


Madeline's Belle dress was crafted by Cathy of Primafashions. And y'all this dress is a work of art!! Just check out Cathy's shop if you don't believe me. If you're looking for a timepiece for your little girl. Whether it's for Halloween, an upcoming Disney trip (seriously don't waste your money on the dresses they have there), or if she simply loves to dress up as the princess she is, I couldn't recommend Cathy's shop enough. Cathy also went above and beyond! A pleasure to work with. I have never seen a Belle dress that looks so much like the actual Belle. This dress weighs several pounds with the layers upon layers of GORGEOUS materials! The golden velvet is absolutely gorgeous! And I know this dress will grow with Madeline because it has lots of stretch and length to it. The first time she put it on, I cried haha! It is too gorgeous for words! A keepsake for us as well! Cathy has many more costumes to choose from as well, Fancy Nancy, Tory Story, Cinderella, Frozen and more!

As for Belle's accessories, Amazon was the lifesaver! She picked out this crown (very impressed by the quality), these sparkly pearl detail flats, these shimmery tights and of course a rose. I also got her this bun hair piece to help achieve her Belle hair! We at first tried a Belle wig, but it honestly looked so ridiculous haha. Madeline's hair is a little too thin to do a big bun on the top like Belle, so we went with this faux bun which worked perfectly!

Mrs. Potts

My Mrs. Potts Dress is actually an apron haha! I purchased it from the Etsy shop, Sassyfras Collection. Again, and Renee is AMAZING and an amazing shop to work with! She has so many themes to choose from! Couldn't say enough good things about it! For underneath, I wore a white bodysuit, this tulle skirt for some poof and these pink tights

Now, for the teapot hat!!! Y'all at first I was very unsure about this hat. I paid more than I'd like to admit for it haha (and don't even get me started on the shipping fee lol). But Madeline and I both knew this Mrs. Potts hat would be the perfect addition to our theme. And I couldn't believe how many of y'all asked about it haha! I will say it's a pretty impressive hat. I purchased it from the Etsy shop, Foam Masks Art. It really is again a work of art and Anne was amazing to work with! When I purchased it, the shop owner told me it was her only one. If you're interested in it, I'd definitely reach out to ask if she has or can create another one. But since the shop was in Spain, the shipping was pretty high. My overall conclusion, if you want to stand out in the crowd, just wear a giant teapot on your head haha. 


Jaycee dressed as Chip the teacup was the cutest sight to see! Is there anything cuter that a dog running in a giant tutu haha? Anyways, I purchased Jaycee's Chip from another amazing Etsy shop BeBaGo, and the owner was oh so helpful! She went above and beyond to help make it perfect for Jaycee. It's actually meant to be a headpiece for humans, but I told her my idea of turning it into a costume for my dog. She was super helpful, created it apart from the headband for us and even tried it on her cat to show me ways it may work haha. 

I did make Jaycee's tutu skirt and sewed it onto a light pink dog t-shirt for the perfect fluffy dress! Then I simply sewed chip onto the back of the dress for the perfect Chip the teacup dog costume. 

The Beast

My fur-nephew Charlie as the Beast was again the cutest sight to see, and he made the most handsome Beast ever. His love for Madeline and hers for him made them the cutest Belle and Beast pair. Although I again paid much more than I'd like to admit for his Beast costume haha, it was again a work of art! Photos don't do it justice! The structure of this piece, the materials used, the satin, vibrant colors and even the giant sapphire brooch on the front make it ever so eloquent. However, I doubt he will ever wear it again lol. I'm sure there are some more affordable Beast costumes available for pups, but this one it truly one of a kind and absolutely beautiful, which is how I wanted it to be! It is made custom to fit your pup. We got his mane off of Amazon. I had a difficult time finding one that would fit him, being a small little fella. So we actually ended up cutting it in half on the opposite end to make it where it didn't swallow him up, then just folded than end under! Overall, it worked out very well. 

I hope this post has been helpful for any of y'all who had questions of our costumes! Even though we were dodging tornado warnings an hour before attempting to trick-or-treat, it was truly such a special Halloween and one I will always hold close to my heart! Madeline said it was the best one ever :) And I will forever bawl my eyes out each time I hear "Tale As Old As Time". 

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