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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: Dates, Times, What I'll Be Shopping For, My Wish List & More

Hello friends and happy Tuesday! I cannot believe that we are just days away from the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I have had this post in the plans for a few weeks, but honestly, I wanted to hold it off until after July 4th and until the week of the sale. 

With that being said, I also wanted to mention that I know y'all are probably hearing a lot about this sale, and quite honestly, may be pretty sick of hearing about it when it hasn't even started yet. To be honest, I even debated on not even covering the sale this year. However, after thinking about it for a few weeks, I decided that if I will be shopping it (which the answer is most definitely yes), I should cover it. Because I always want to share with y'all what I'm currently loving and shopping for. All of that to say, my hopes through the sale this year is to cover it for y'all in a way that is most beneficial (and not too, in your face, if you will). I will get to this more later on in the post. But this sale is definitely one of my shopping highlights of the year. It's honestly a shopping tradition for my me and my Mama. We have been shopping the sale together for yearsss, and it's always something we look forward to. Fun fact: I actually covered my first Anniversary Sale on here in 2013 (I certainly got a kick out of looking back at this blog post haha...shout out to any of y'all who have been following along since then) :) 

In today's post, I will be talking about everything you need to know if you plan to shop the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: important dates, times, shopping early access, the easiest way to shop, some things I'll be doing differently this year, how I plan to cover the sale and lastly, a sneak peak at some items I'm wishing to purchase this year. Let's get started!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: Dates, Times, What I'll Be Shopping For, My Wish List & More - Something Delightful Blog

Why is this sale so exciting?

Why does the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale deserve all the attention? Well unlike any other sale, where it's usually older merchandise going on sale, the NSale is all new merchandise for fall. This sale is packed full of amazing items (and y'all, the items this year are sooooo good!), for the entire family, for the home, beauty products and more. Although it's mostly fall pieces, there are a lot of amazing "wear now, transition into fall with and style again in the fall", which are my favorites to grab up. So much to love about this sale!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: Dates, Times, What I'll Be Shopping For, My Wish List & More - Something Delightful Blog

Important Dates & Times:

As the sale saying goes, "the card's the key" to shop the sale early. After shopping for a few years now being a Nordstrom cardholder, I can truthfully say that it is definitely worth having a Nordy card to shop the sale early. Other than several perks that come along with being a Nordstrom cardholder (hello, Nordy notes!!). Shopping the NSale early is definitely the biggest bonus of all. This year, Icon members are able to pre-shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale collection starting TODAY, July 9th, in stores only, and Ambassador level cardholders are able to pre-shop the sale tomorrow, July 10th, in stores only. However, the best news which is the first year Nordstrom has ever done this, is that Icon and Ambassador level members are able to pre-shop ONLINE, before early access even begins, this Thursday, July 11th. Woohoo!!! And then Friday, July 12th, private access for all Nordstrom cardholders begins. Friday, July 19th, is when the sale opens to everyone, Nordstrom cardholder or not. Something else that's a little different with the schedule this year is the time the sale opens up. In the past years, the sale has opened up online at 3:00AM EST. This year, the sale opens up at 12:30PM EST! So, definitely take note of that :) Prices go back up, August 5th. 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: Dates, Times, What I'll Be Shopping For, My Wish List & More - Something Delightful Blog

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: Dates, Times, What I'll Be Shopping For, My Wish List & More - Something Delightful Blog

How to shop early access:

As I mentioned, to shop early access (which I definitely think is the best of all), you have to be a Nordstrom cardholder. However, I wanted to mention that it's not too late to do so. You can sign up here. When I first signed up to be a cardholder, I was given my card info pretty much immediately (way before my card came in the mail), so you can shop right away. And if you are a cardholder and want to see if you are either an Icon or Ambassador status, you can check that when you sign into your Nordstrom Card Account or call and ask as well.

The Best Way to Shop:

In my opinion, the best way to shop is buy online, pick up in store. That way, you can shop in the peace and quiet of your own home without having to fight the crowd. Choose in-store pickup, and all you have to do is grab your items at the order pick up in your Nordstrom store and you're good to go. No need to wait on shipping. That's also a huge bonus incase you need a new size in something. That's what I'll be doing: shopping online this Thursday, and we are taking a little trip to our closest Nordstrom store (about three hours away) to pick up all of our goodies on Saturday. I can't wait to share it all on here with y'all :)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: Dates, Times, What I'll Be Shopping For, My Wish List & More - Something Delightful Blog

How I'll Be Covering + A Few Things I'll Be Doing Differently:

Just like past years, I will be thoroughly covering the sale for y'all on here. I have been sorting through thousands (and we're talking 10,000+ items) these past few days to select the best items to share with y'all. I've got a long (and pretty amazing list haha) in every category to share with y'all, so I'm pretty excited :) 

Since the sale opens technically opens online this Thursday, I'm going to have my big post up on Thursday, where I cover my favorite items in every single category for women: Tees, Tops, sweaters, Dresses, Shoes and much more! On Saturday of this week, I will have up a huge post with all of my favorite NSale picks for kids! Next week, I will have a post up with all of my beauty favorites. Throughout the next few weeks of the sale, I am going to focus on showing y'all how you can style certain items now and into the fall. I will also be sharing a lot of items over on my IG stories. That leads to...

There are a few things I'll be doing a bit differently this year. First of all, the past two years, I have been a little annoyed with the way some of the pieces were not re-stocked, I feel like in the past, there were a lot more re-stocks, especially when public access begins. Last year, there were a ton of cute sweaters I purchased, wanted to share with y'all, but were sold out the weekend the sale began and never came back in stock. How is that any fun?! And to top it off, many of these items were marked down to being even more on sale a few weeks after the NSale ended. Most of these items you can't wear until the weather cools off anyways, so seeing them go even more on sale before fall even gets here was kind of a huge bummer. So this year, I have decided that I am going to be buying more wardrobe staples and investment pieces. The $49 sweaters marked down to $32 are great and all, but by the time fall actually gets here, there are so many more amazing ones coming out that I'd rather wait and buy. If you're excited for these sweaters, no worries, I'll still be sharing them on here! I just may not be buying them for those reasons. 

I also find it so hard to be sharing full-on fall looks in 100+ degree temps. I mean, it's still summer!!! And although I LOVE fall looks, I have a hard time wanting to wear them just now, even if it's just to share on here. So with that being said, this year, I will be focusing on styling pieces that you can wear NOW in the warmer temps, style a little differently later to transition into fall with, and style another way in the fall. SO, basics! Pieces you can wear with shorts and sandals now, jeans and booties to transition and layer with cardigans and jackets in the fall, for example. I want to share pieces that y'all will truly feel you're getting your money's worth out of. I may still share some fall looks with y'all, but I honestly don't plan to take them out of my house. If I share them, it will be mirror shots, or shots indoors (not sweating to pieces in them lol), that I'll place back in my closet to wear later in the fall when them temps have actually cooled off. I'm hoping to share a fine balance of both, because I do have some great fall staples on my list as well. 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: Dates, Times, What I'll Be Shopping For, My Wish List & More - Something Delightful Blog

What do I usually shop for in the sale?

1. SHOES - Shoes in the sale are usually my main focus. Why? Becuase I have found that I usually buy 90% of my fall shoes in the NSale. Past years, I have found myself going back and buying booties for full price after the sale ends because I love them and didn't grab them on sale. I feel like the very best fall shoe selection comes out for the NSale. So don't forget the shoes! There are some AMZING ones this year, and I have my eyes on a handful of amazing pairs I plan to stock up on for transitioning and fall. 

2. Athletic - I also always stock up on athletic pieces. My very favorite workout brand is Zella, which is made especially for Nordstrom. The quality is impeccable. I have several pairs of the high waist live in leggings by Zella, and there is an amazing selection of them in the sale this year (including the prettiest pink pair).  

3. Denim - I also always stock up on jeans in this sale. My favorite pair in denim came from the sale last year. I have three or four pairs already bookmarked! 

4. Cardigans and Sweaters - Even though I won't be going crazy with some of the sweaters this year, there are a few I have on my list! Definitely several staple ones I plan to purchase. 

5. Designer Pieces - I also stock up on some designer pieces that rarely go on sale. There are a handful of higher end designers that participate in this sale. I usually always purchase a new Tory Burch bag for fall, some designer sunglasses, a new watch and more. And trust me, there are some GREAT items in store for this year!

6. Closet Staples - I also grab up closet staples that you can wear now and again later. Ones that you can style a handful of different ways. Ones that you can dress up or down. I have my eye on several darling tops!

7. Beauty - The NSale beauty collection is also always amazing with many of my favorite brands! I have a list for this year as well. I always find some great lipsticks, hair tools, usually an eyeshadow palette and more. 

8. Kids - There's always an amazing selection for the kids as well. For Madeline, I always find her some kids designer jeans for fall, a new pair of Ugg boots (there's the cutest sequin pair this year!), some transition pieces and more. 

Designers Participating:

Some of my favorite designers that will be participating this year are: B.P., Rag & Bone, AG Jeans, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, MCM, Joes Jeans, 1. State, Halogen, Caslon, Ugg, Quay Australia, Sam Edelman, Zella, Adidas, Madewell, J.Crew, Patagonia, Sole Society, Kendra Scott, Vince Camuto, Lucky Brand, T3, MAC, Laura Mercier, Charlotte Tilbury and more. 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: Dates, Times, What I'll Be Shopping For, My Wish List & More - Something Delightful Blog


As I mentioned above, I have been sorting through thousands of items in the sale these past few days. I have a list of items I am wanting to purchase. So, I thought it would be fun to share some sneak peaks with y'all today. I'm so excited over these :)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: Sneak Peaks + Some Items on My Wish List - Something Delightful Blog
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: Sneak Peaks + Some Items on My Wish List - Something Delightful Blog

See what I mean?! The items are going to be pretty amazing, right?! :) I simply can't wait! And this is just scratching the surface! I also wanted to mention one more thing. Yes, this sale goes on for weeks, but I wanted to let y'all know that doesn't mean I will only be sharing Nordstrom Anniversary Sale stuff during that time frame. Y'all know I love Amazon (Prime Day is also coming up woohoo!) and a lot of other retailers, so I will continue to be sharing those as well. I am going to try to bring y'all a nice balance of everything. I hope I can deliver exactly what y'all are looking for :)

Lastly, be sure to stop back by here Thursday around 1:00PM EST to see all of my picks in every category, along with a really fun giveaway y'all won't want to miss :) I will also update the post after I've shopped the sale to share what I purchased. And I will also be doing some fun little surprises over the next few weeks over on my Instagram, so be sure to stay tuned on there as well. 

See y'all on Thursday! :)

Delightfully Yours,

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