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Twenty-Five Shoes for Spring

25 Shoes for Spring - Click through to Something Delightful Blog for details
25 Shoes for Spring - Click through to Something Delightful Blog for details
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Hello friends! Happy Wednesday. Today I am excited to share a round-up of my very favorite shoes for spring. It's no secret that I have a shoe obsession. I like buying shoes more than anything else. Give me a new pair of shoes over clothes any day haha. I feel like my outfit revolves around my shoes 90% of the time, as well. 

I think that buying spring and summer shoes are the best shoes to buy. They're so fun! Wedges, slides,, ruffles, straw, eyelet and so much more! I feel like my outfit pairing obsession goes to town when I have a look to plan around a pink pair of sandals, for example. 

I wanted to do this round-up today, because I feel like I have been keeping up with all of the new shoe arrivals at my favorite stores. After doing this over the past few weeks, I've developed a huge list of ones I love. I seriously could have turned this into a "50 shoes for spring" post, but I felt y'all may be a bit overwhelmed with that haha.  From basics to a pop of color, there are so many options listed above. I wear wedges pretty much everyday, but there are some adorable lower heel options, as well.

Now for a few details to mention. Anything straw is so in right now! From straw bags to straw shoes, they are seriously trending. How adorable are these straw bow sandals?! If they remain in stock for a few more weeks, I may purchase them. Speaking of sandals with a lower heel, I'm also loving these. I recently purchased the wedge version of this shoe (seriously obsessed with them) and it makes me want the flatter style as well. I also love the braided details on these sandals! Y'all know the chunky knit blankets that were so in this past winter?! Thats what these sandals remind me of, and I love it. And back to straw details, how fabulous are these tiered straw heel sandals!!! Y'all know I love a good ruffle. These mules and these wedges are so adorable. 

I could seriously go on and on about each pair listed above. If you're shopping for an upcoming vacation or simply getting ready for spring, I hope this shoe guide helps! I'm planning a spring accessory guide for next week, so stay tuned for that :)

Which pair is your favorite?!

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