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Gingham Twins + The Best Toys To Help Moms Get Things Done

Mommy & Me in Gingham - Click through to see the full post on Something Delightful Blog
Black Gingham Top + Pink Wedges - Click through to see the full post on Something Delightful Blog
Mommy & Me in Gingham - Click through to see the full post on Something Delightful Blog
Marc Fisher Wedges & Clare V. Alice Tote - Click through to see the full post on Something Delightful Blog
Mommy & Me in Gingham - Click through to see the full post on Something Delightful Blog
Clare V. Alice Round Straw Tote - Click through to see the full post on Something Delightful Blog
Mommy & Me in Gingham - Click through to see the full post on Something Delightful Blog
Spring Style - Click through to see the full post on Something Delightful Blog
Mommy & Me in Gingham - Click through to see the full post on Something Delightful Blog

Hello friends and happy Friday!!! I hope y'all have had a great week and are gearing up for an even better weekend. I'm sorry for the lack of posts this week. I've had them planned out but just couldn't get them up on here. The lack of sleep struggle and the school load was real this week haha.

Anyways, as I mentioned, there are lots of fun spring looks coming to Something Delightful. Y'all know my love for twinning with Madeline. Eery time I see the opportunity, I jump on it. For instance, I'll be browsing for myself or Madeline, see a piece I love then hunt for one that she or I can wear to match. 

Y'all also know my love for gingham by now. I came across this darling gingham top for myself and fell in love with the sleeve detail. I purchased a navy blue gingham top around this time last year and remembered getting so much wear out of it. So when I saw this one, I knew it would be a great piece to have. It's under $100 and also comes in the cutest pink stripe print. It took me a while to finally decide on these pink suede wedges, but I'm so happy I went with them. If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you know that it was quite the process deciding on the perfect pink pair. But these are them. I love that the buckles on these beauties are also unique! This particular sandal comes in nine colors and is amazing. And do y'all remember my favorite purse from last spring/summer?! Well it is without a doubt going to be a hit again this year. It's already back in the best stores and is also new in a mini size for this year! It's on my spring wish list :)

As for Madeline's look, I think her little gingham dress is the sweetest thing. She also picked out her shoes in brown, and I figured they would be so versatile that I purchased them for her in white as well. I'd love to have them in my size haha! Something else that she has been doing recently is taking her little purse with her every time we leave the house. She'll pick out a few little things to take along with her, stuff them in her purse, then we head out the door. Sometimes it will be dinosaurs, other times it will be lip glosses, but it's always carrying her necessities :)


I know this post is getting lengthy, but I also wanted to share something else with y'all today. I'm always posting activities that Madeline and I do on a daily basis via Instagram stories, and I'm always getting questions on how I balance being a Mama, running my blog and being in school full time. There is really no rhyme or reason, and I wish I had a simple answer to that, but there are a few things that come in handy. 

I feel that every mom would agree that the best way to get things done is to simply let your little one join in with you. Madeline is always wanting to do exactly what I do and be the biggest helper. I have quickly learned this and have found that it's not only helpful but also teaches her so much. Some of her very favorite toys are the ones that make her feel just like her mama. I also like to refer to these toys as "Toys that Help Moms Get Things Done" :) See our favorites below:

Toys that help moms get things done - Click through to read more on Something Delightful Blog

Toy Vacuum 

The toy vacuum has been quite a winner. She got this little learning vacuum as a gift when she was learning to walk. It's great and so cute for kids around that age, for sure. Once she turned two, I decided to get her one that is more realistic in resemblance to mine. This one is so cute! It makes noice and the beads in the barrel really swirl around. Ever single time I pull out the vacuum, she reaches for hers to help me.  And what's even cuter, if she makes a mess, she will run and grab hers to clean it up by herself.

Kid's Camera

This kid's camera also been a huge hit for Madeline. It may have something to do with me being a blogger and photography being such a huge part of what I do haha (blogger probs), but she has so enjoyed her little camera! She sees me with mine and will instantly reach for hers. She will walk around taking pictures of everything. She has now learned that you can take videos on her cameras, and let me just say, the outtakes are hilarious!! She's always wanting me to me to take pictures of her on it, and it's the funniest thing. 

Pretent Makeup Set

Okay mamas of little girls, this is a must-have! If I haven't had to opportunity to apply my makeup before she has woken up in the morning, this is the best! She likes to sit at her little vanity and put on her pretend makeup as well. I'll even find her doing this when I'm not putting mine on. This wooden makeup set is so stinkin' cute, but about a year or so ago, Madeline realized it wasn't realistic enough and began to opt for my makeup. So I found this one that looks so realistic, and she just loves it! I also just found this one and think it's adorable. I'm telling y'all, this is a lifesaver. 

Learning Computer

Madeline's Uncle Doug gave her this learning computer for her first birthday. It's one of those toys that  they can grow with for sure. Back when she got it, she just liked to press the buttons and listen to the music. Now that she's older, she likes to switch it to the different settings and actually play the later games on it. You can even switch it to "email mode" haha. The funniest thing was around Christmas-time, I was ordering some Christmas gifts and Madeline was right there with me. She opened up her computer and said "okay Mama, I just ordered you a Christmas present" haha! I have an extra chair next to my desk that Madeline says is her chair. She likes to sit there with her computer while I'm working and say she's working as well :) This thing is a hit for a wide range of ages!

Educational Basket

This is a big one. Madeline has quickly learned that I'm in school and have to work on school. Of course, she wants to as well. I've mentioned before that my mom homeschooled me and my siblings growing up. She always started us out, even before our pre-school days, with some educational activities. I think this is so important and now do it with Madeline as well. At some point during the day, Madeline and I will work on her educational activities. One of the things that we have loved having (and my mom created for us as kids) is a counting box. It consists of things like these colored counting bears, some fun erasers (Madeline has these) and other shapes. What's great is that I can dump them out of the box and while working on emails or an assignment, I can say "line up three red bears" or "give me two donuts with pink icing." There are SO many fun games to play with a counting box. And it helps kids to not only be able to count to ten (which is more of a memory thing) but actually be able to understand what they're counting. Another thing that's great to have in her educational basket is alphabet flashcards. She's already learning the sounds each letter makes, relating the pictured objects with the associated letter and recognize letters. And the other thing that's great to put in the educational basket is books...coloring books, books for tracing letters and so much more. We have tons of fun with her educational basket and it's a great way for me to work on my school while she "works on hers" :)

Cleaning Set

If I'm needing to do some cleaning during the day, you better believe Madeline is right beside me with her cleaning set. Again, this is something she will reach for even if I'm not cleaning. She loves to play with it. For some reason, she has a blast "cleaning" my mirror (time to pull out the windex haha). But this is also a great set for kids of all ages. It not only it something fun to play, but also teaches them the importance of keeping things tidy and being a big helper.


Whether you're a mom, a soon-to-be-mom, have some mom friends, an aunt, etc., these toys quickly become a mom's best friend and are fun activities for sure. These also make the perfect baby gifts/kid's birthday gifts as well. If I had known what a life-saver these would be, I would have put them on my baby registry when I was pregnant with Madeline. 

I always try to not work on things too much throughout the day so that I can give her my full attention. My goal is to always wake up well before she does to tackle my list of to-dos and work on them again after she has gone to bed at night, but there are usually some things I have to work on here and there throughout the day, whether it is sending a few emails, finishing up a post, turning in an assignment, watching a live webinar, etc. Madeline knows she is mama's little helper :)

I hope y'all found this to be helpful! I'm always getting questions via Instagram DMs, so I figured I'd compile it all into a blog post. I'd also love to hear of any recommendations y'all have as well.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Friday.
Delightfully Yours,

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