Monday, June 20, 2016

Matching In Lilly: National Wear Your Lilly Day!!!

Lilly Pulitzer Hot Coral Trunk In Love
Lilly Pulitzer Mila Shift
Matching In Lilly
Lilly Pulitzer Hot Coral Trunk In Love
Lilly Pulitzer
Mother & Daughter In Lilly
Lilly Pulitzer Hot Coral Trunk In Love
Lilly Pulitzer Hot Coral Trunk In Love
Matching In Lilly Pulitzer
Baby Lilly Pulitzer
Lilly Pulitzer Mila Shift

Normally I would start out my post by saying "Happy Monday!" But today, I'm not only going to say happy first day of summer, but also happy national wear your Lilly day!!! Yes, today is the day that all Lilly lovers unite by celebrating the first official day of summer in Lilly. I've found this little occasion to be a rather big one in my book, because what Lilly lover doesn't jump on a day where you're "supposed" to wear Lilly 😏 It's definitely even more fun when you have a mini to match! Last year, Madeline was too tiny to fit into the baby shift dresses, so this year is her first official national wear your Lilly day. I can't get enough of the baby shift dresses. Her little personality just makes them even more perfect 😊

I also have to say that the Mila Shift dress is one of my two favorite dresses as far as the fit goes (my other favorite is the Cathy Shift). Just in case you're looking to buy a shift, the Mila shift runs smaller than the Cathy, but true to your normal size, if you know what I mean. The Cathy runs larger, so size down one size in Cathy, and order your normal size in a dress in the Mila. I'm also obsessed with this print, Hot Coral Trunk In Love. I absolutely love the bright orange and pink combo. And if you purchase any Lilly Pulitzer through today, you'll receive an adorable set of hair ties (we're talking in the oh-so-loved Lobstah Roll print) with any purchase and an adorable tassel necklace with purchases of $200 or more. 

Lastly, I just wanted to share a little story. I was going through some boxes just the other night and came across a bunch of my old Lilly shift dresses from when I was a little girl. This is the first time I have seen these since having Madeline, and I have to say that I felt all kinds of emotions. It dawned on me that your Lilly dresses tell a story. I can remember wearing some of those dresses when I was younger. I can look at my dress hanging in my closet in the state of mind print and think about how that inspired the original name I chose for this blog (A Preppy State of Mine) before I re-branded to Something Delightful. So that's why I like to have so much fun with a reason to dress in Lilly on National Wear Your Lilly Day. And what I love even more is making memories with Madeline matching in them. These dresses will tell a story for sure, that I can't wait to share with her one day 💗

I hope y'all turn this Monday into a very happy first day of summer, or if you're a Lilly lover, enjoy wearing your Lilly! We're arriving at the beach today, and I'm feeling beyond excited.

Delightfully Yours,

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  1. These matching dresses are just too cute! Happy Lilly Day and first day of summer!


  2. These pictures are gorgeous, Rachel! Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day!


  3. What a sweet story! I definitely need to look through my old Lilly dresses. Plus, Madeline and you look so cute matching, and I love that print!


  4. Love these dresses, too cute!
    -Angela & Amy

  5. Ya'll look so sweet - today Madeline's hair looks reddish -- I love it! I had an Aunt Madeline with red hair.

  6. I enjoyed reading about where the original name for your blog came from.
    You and Madeline look so pretty!



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