Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 ~ What A Year!

Happy New Years Eve, Friends!  Wow, I can't believe we are down to the very last day of the year.  This year has absolutely flown by for me.  If you asked me to say one sentence about this year, I would say this: 2015 has been the absolute best year of my entire life.  That's because 2015 is the year I became a mama.  If you had asked me however many years ago where I would expect to be by 2015, I would have never guessed all that has happened.  About a year ago, I announced to you all on here that I was going to have a baby girl.  At the time, that seemed so scary, because I really was afraid of what everyone would think.  I was actually at a crossroad, trying to decide whether to end my blog all together or to continue it.  I am so glad I made that decision, and I could never begin to express my gratitude for all of the support I have received from my friends and readers of my blog.  I have always loved this little space of mine on the internet, and something I have learned about it is that it's not truly yours unless you choose to completely be "you."  As I was making the decision a year ago about what to do with my blog, I had to think about what was really me...disappearing from it or sticking to it, running the race that God set out for me.  I would get a queazy feeling in my stomach thinking about what everyone would think, but I had to overcome that (so much easier said than done!).  But I had to grasp what was really happening.  This is the conclusion I had come to: God gave me an assignment.  He had appointed me to be the mother and care for a precious life...created in HIS image...a precious life that would grow up to do wonderful things.  I also decided to keep this blog running for one more reason, for Madeline.  I never ever wanted her to think that I ended something I loved and enjoyed because she came into the picture.  I want her to always know that she should never give up and always continue to "run the race marked out for her" (Hebrews 12:1). 

I also can't begin the express the faithfulness that has been shown to me from my Heavenly Father throughout this year.  God giving me my sweet Madeline has also brought me closer to Him that I ever imagined I could be.  He has been my light and my salvation.  He has been my strength.  He has brought me so much joy.  HE is faithful.  He has brought me to a place where, at times, all I could do is trust as I felt I was walking through a dark tunnel.  In 2015, the Lord broke my heart, a heart that seemed so hardened, and showed me that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." He has shown me not to be anxious for anything, not even for tomorrow.  And He has shown me to "trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding."  I feel like this year has been one leap of faith after another, and each time, He has proven Himself to be faithful and true. It truly is amazing to watch the Lord work in your life and lead you from one place to another.  I have seen prayers answered and have truly been amazed by the Lord's timing, knowing that His timing is perfect. 

Also in 2015, I am so grateful for my friends and family who have proven to be there for me and Madeline every step of the way.  I never understood the deep love and support that I have through my family until this year.  I especially am grateful for my Mother and Father who, through their examples, have helped me learn to be the best parent I could possibly be to Madeline and who have shown me care and compassion and loved my at my worst.  To my brothers and sister who are nothing short of amazing.  To my grandparents who have been here every step of the way.  To my best friend that I have known my entire life but have grown close to through college and especially over the past year (although she moved to another state this year, she is still just as much here for me and Madeline as she has always been).  And lastly, I am so grateful for each and every one of you who continually come back to my blog, as it has evolved over the past year.  I could't express my gratitude for the kind emails and comments I receive.  Some of them, I have read at just the right time, when I needed to read them.  Even in little ways like that, I have seen the Lord's hand at work.  

Lastly, to Madeline...who has brought me more joy, smiles, laughter, and tears (I think that describes motherhood right there, haha), than ever before.  Oh what a joy it has been to watch her grow and see this beautiful life created by the Lord discover the world around her.  Because of her, I have become a better person.  Because of her, I have grown closer to the Lord.  Because of her I have had the very best year of my entire life.  

So, for 2016, I encourage you to give your life to the Lord.  May the love of Jesus fill your heart.  Give Him your life and allow Him to work within your heart.  I pray that He will reveal amazing things to you during this new year. 

I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for 2016.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

NYE Outfit Inspiration

NYE Outfit
NYE Outfit
Party Attire
Fringe Skirt
Party Attire
New Years Eve Outfit
Shirt ($20!) // Skirt (under $60!) // Necklace // Pumps (40% off!) // Clutch (similar) // Earrings

Happy Wednesday, Friends!  I can't believe we are down to the final two days of 2015.  Tomorrow is thing that I find myself doing year after year is being very last minute in NYE outfit preparations.  So, if you're feeling late to the game and stuck on not knowing what to wear, you've come to the right place.  Here are a few words that sparked my ideas for this outfit and that would work for many more great NYE outfits: Black, Fringe and Sparkle!  I started off thinking about all black and came across this fun fringe skirt (it's 50% off the sale price!!).  Once I had this in my possession, the outfit pretty much came together from there.  All I needed was a subtle top (since the skirt takes the cake) and a sparkly necklace.  You can make a NYE outfit complete by adding some sparkle (aka a statement necklace).  How gorgeous is the back of this one I'm wearing?!  Lastly, top off the look with some black pumps and a black evening bag.  I also decided a twisty updo would complete the look and show off the back of this necklace.  The best part about being late to putting your NYE look together is catching the sales! My shirt and skirt are together under $100 :)

Although I'll be pretty casual as a laid-back NYE is in the plans, this is what I'd wear if I were attending a NYE event.  I can't wait to find another reason to wear this fun fringe skirt though!  What are you wearing for NYE?  Come back tomorrow for a re-cap of my 2015!

Delightfully Yours,

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sale Find Favorites

Boots (extra 30% off with code MERRY) // Watch // Vest (extra 40% off with code SHOPNOW) // Purse // Flats (extra 40% off with code SHOPNOW) // Scarf // Pumps // Lounge Shorts // Necklace // Purse (extra 30% off with code MERRY)

Happy Tuesday, Friends!  I usually don't get this excited over the after Christmas sales since Christmas just occurred, but this year, I have seen so many cute things for really great prices.  Most of these pieces listed above are ones you will find yourself enjoying through the rest of the winter and  once again in the fall because they are classics (the riding boots & puffer vest, for example).  And some of these pieces (the handbags & necklace, for example) are great statements you can enjoy all year.  So many of these stores are doing a sale on top of the sale.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Tory Burch ~ Extra 30% off the sale price with the code MERRY
Kate Spade ~ Extra 25% off the sale price with the code THRILL
J.Crew ~ Extra 40% off the sale price with the code SHOPNOW
Anthropologie ~ Extra 25% off the sale price with the code TAGTIME
Banana Republic ~ Extra 50% off the sale price no code needed

What great sale items have you stumbled across?

Delightfully Yours,

Monday, December 28, 2015

Plaid Gals

Preppy Style
Preppy Style
Tory Burch York Tote
Plaid Gals
Baby Style
Me: Shirt // Skirt // Shoes // Bag // Necklace // Bracelets (1 / 2 / 3)
Madeline: Dress // Bow // Shoes

Happy last Monday of the 2015, Friends!  Can y'all believe we are almost to a new year?!  I think with having Madeline, time has absolutely flown by this year.  Time flies when you're having fun :)  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a relaxing weekend!  It was such a special one this year over here with Madeline.

If you love plaid, then you will love this shirt!  First off, it is ruffled down the front and on the cute!  The second reason I love it is because of the polka dot cuffs on the sleeves.  Navy is my go-to color.  When I'm not knowing what to wear, I think navy and go from there.  Begin with navy then add colors (for instance, with your top, jewelry, purse & shoes, etc.).  Anyways, that's my outfit ramblings for today!

Thanks for reading!  Delightfully Yours,

Friday, December 25, 2015

"Christ The Saviour Is Born"

Merry Christmas

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord."
~ Luke 2:11 ~

Merry Christmas Everyone!  It is so important to remember the reason for the Christmas season.  I am so thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ.  Jesus came to this earth to save.  He came to save you and me.  He was born to die and pay the ultimate price for our sins.  I am so thankful that we have a Saviour.  As we celebrate Christmas, always remember the true reason of why we celebrate :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What I'm Wishing, What I'm Giving

Happy Christmas Eve Eve, y'all!  I love sharing gift guides throughout the Christmas season, but I love the idea of ending the gift guides with sharing a few things I'm wishing for and a few things I'm giving to friends and family.  I think this is a neat way to share a glimpse into the things we love and the things our loved ones love.  

New Slippers - How adorable are these metallic gold slippers?!
Bobbi Brown Bronzer - I'm in need of some new bronzes. Miss Madeline grabbed it off the bathroom counter as I was holding her and dropped it. You can probably guess what happened next haha!
Belmont Cabin Bag - I know I have posted about these several times over the past month or so, I'm obsessed with them!  I have gotten one for Madeline and am giving one to my Mama for Christmas, so I am wishing for one as well.
Moroccan Oil  - My hair can't live without this conditioner!  It is my all time favorite.
Monogram Ring - I love All. Things. Monogrammed.  I have always wanted a monogrammed ring, so it is most definitely on my wish list!
Hair Dryer - So, I have been using the same hairdryer for six years now.  How it has lasted that long, I have no idea!  It is finally starting to give out, so a new one (it's pink!!) is on my list. 

Here are a few of the things I'm gifting this year:

Kate Spade Wallet 
Bauble Bar Necklace
Chanel Lipstick
Madame Alexander Bunny Huggums Doll (I think this is such a cute cuddle doll for Madeline)
Baby Uggs (I die!)
Push-Around Buggy
Chicken Chips (Jaycee's all time favorite treat! I have never met a dog that didn't like them.)
Cashmere Ruffle Cape (I loved mine so much that I decided my Mama would love one as well!)
Marble Rolling Pin (I'm giving these to a few on my list this year…only $15!)
Cereal Dispenser (My brother would eat cereal for every meal, if he could. So I thought this would be perfect!)

I hope y'all are feeling ready for Christmas!  I'm still working on my wrapping.  What are y'all wishing for and giving this year?

Delightfully Yours,

Monday, December 21, 2015

Outfit Inspiration From Santa

Holiday Style
Tory Burch
Classy Style
David Yurman
Fur Wrap
Dress // Fur Wrap (similar style here) // Necklace ℅ // Shoes // Clutch (similar) // Earrings // Bracelets (1 / 2 / 3)

Happy week of Christmas, y'all!  I am so very excited to be sharing the details on this gorgeous pearl necklace today.  My dear friend, Sh'Lika, is quite an amazing jewelry designer!  I have had the pleasure of knowing Sh'Lika for a few years now.  She is a wife, a mother, a Lilly girl at Lilly Pulitzer Phipps Plaza, and a jewelry artist (I think she'd win an award for having her hands full!).  She is such a beautiful person inside and out, and I am so excited to be sharing more about her gorgeous collection, Elizah Faith Designs (named after her precious daughter).  I mean, have you ever seen such a beautiful necklace?! Pearls, pearls, and more pearls.  I asked Sh'Like to share a little bit about what inspired her design for this necklace, and this is what she said:

"My inspiration behind this necklace are those beautiful big white baroque, freshwater pearls.  I will say, as a designer, it has always been important to me to do things that have had some sort of meaning to me.  I adore making what I consider beautiful simple statements through jewelry…classic pieces that will never go out of style." 

I also love the fact that Sh'Lika likes creating pieces with things in groups of 3's.  For example, this necklace has three pearls, three tassels, and three pearls on each tassel.  These represent the three things that to her, "have a huge meaning to her life on a daily basis," the Holy Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit).  I think that, in itself, is simply beautiful. 

Be sure to check out Elizah Faith Designs!  Also, Sh'Like is offering 20% off your purchase on her site, now through Christmas, by using the code Delightful20 at checkout. 

Delightfully Yours, 

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