Friday, February 14, 2014

Black And Pink Valentine

Dress: Topshop 
Sash: Etsy 
Bangles: Loren Hope

Happy Valentine's Day, loves!  I'm currently sitting at Panera, after trying McCalister's Deli and Starbucks, to get wifi and charge my phone.  I'm in the zone of the icepocalypse over the southeast, meaning no power, no shower, no fun.  I'm happy that I got to take these pictures a few days ago when the weather was lovely and also actually be able to share them on my blog on V-Day.  Hopefully this Valentine's Day will be okay, despite the different circumstances.  I hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Stay Tuned!


  1. That dress is perfect on you! Love these pictures. I hope that the power comes back on soon where you live- power outages are never fun!!

    xoxo A

  2. This is so gorgeous Rachel! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. This has to be the cutest dress I've ever seen. The bow is adorable!


  4. You look amazing in this dress! I hope your electricity comes back on soon! Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. That is the cutest dress I've ever seen! It looks adorable on you.
    The Grass Skirt

  6. Love your outfit! Hope you are staying warm and have power soon.

    XX, SS ||

  7. I love your dress! It's so perfect for Valentines day! And that clutch is so cute!! We had our seauxpocolypse a few days ago...I hope your power comes on soon! Happy Valentines Day :)

  8. I LOVE your dress! Saw you posted it to insta and was looking around TopShop for it and could not find it! What a great find girl :)



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