Saturday, December 7, 2013

Stackables And Statements

Fashion rings are my new obsession.  It all started with the Kate Spade bow ring, and ever since, I have added a few more to my collection.  I like to wear mine single or layer them.  For instance, I love to layer the scallop ring with the sailor's knot ring.  It gives the perfect touch!  I also have my eye on the Frog Prince ring set. 

Being all different price ranges, these rings make fabulous gifts!  Some are stocking stuffer worthy while others will be perfectly wrapped under the tree.  You can never go wrong with a bow!

This is how I like to style my bow ring.

Do you like to wear such fashion rings?

Stay Tuned!


  1. Gorgeous, adore the bow ring. Do you think its too late to add it to my Christmas list?



  2. Do you know if any companies make pearl rings? Thanks, love your style btw!! :)


    1. Hi Victoria! Thanks so much! I don't know of any right off, but I'd definitely look on Etsy :)

  3. I love that sailor's knot ring! So simple and gorgeous you could wear it every day.


  4. These are all so beautiful! I'm especially eyeing the Scotty dog one!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  5. These are all perfect! I love the anchor one, it's gorgeous!

  6. I love the ring choices! I have a lot of sterling silver rings, but it's nice to have some gold to mix it up! (And I love all the scalloped and bow rings, but I'm completely biased! ;) )

    <3 Katherine

  7. I really love gold rings too. I always wear one on my right hand from Julie Vos and I just got one for my left hand from a store that is only in Europe right now called & Other Stories. I have been wanting that sailor's knot one forever though!

  8. That scotty dog is too cute!

  9. It's so sad we don't have Kate Spade in Italy because I really love those rings, the bow ring is soooo cute!



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