Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekend Inspiration

As I've said before, my favorite weekend activity is to paint.  Although I'm not in any way an artist, I enjoy being creative and expressing my ideas (especially my fashion inspiration) on a canvas.  I love to open my box of paints and look at the colors.  I usually get my inspiration on what to paint by looking at the colors that spark my interest at that current moment.  Well, this weekend I happily found myself having some time for painting.  I already had my idea in mind, and that idea was to paint a few of my favorite Vickers Bows on a canvas.  
It turned out just as I had hoped it would and has now found the perfect spot on my wall of canvases.  

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Stay Tuned!


  1. That is too cute! I wish I could paint so well! Have you ever thought about opening an Etsy shop and selling your work? You're seriously talented (:


    Ponies In Pearls

  2. What an adorable painting!! You did a fabulous job Rachel :)




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