Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Steamline Luggage

I have always wanted to own a luxury set of luggage.  Although what I have in mind is too nice to take on a plane where it will get tossed and thrown around, I would love to have it just to have it!  As crazy as this sounds, maybe I could set the large trunk at the foot of my bed and consider it a piece of furniture?  I also love incorporating a vintage style into everything.  Steamline luggage has done just that!  From carry ons, to stowaways, and don't forget the hat boxes, these luggage sets are so charming.  

A girl can dream for a set of luggage like this, right?   

Stay Tuned!


  1. I love this! I really liked the Kate Spade luggage they had earlier this year :)


  2. I love these! I think you could absolutely put a chic luggage trunk at the end of your bed as a piece of furniture :)


  3. Adorable! These bags are so classy and cute.

  4. It's not crazy at all, I use my great grandparents steamer trunk as an end table and store extra blankets and pillows for guests inside :)


  5. A long time ago while waiting in the airport, I spotted a couple carrying gorgeous Louis Vuitton luggage. Since then, it has been on my wish list and will be until I make own some one day.

  6. I've wanted luggage like the glamorous ladies in the 50s movies ever since I was little! These are a dream come true!! xo

  7. Beautiful cases! I love the concept of using a large piece of steamline luggage as a piece of furniture; I have seen it done and it looks so fab!


  8. I use a large luggage like trunk at the foot of my bed to store bed linens! It's a very useful piece of furniture.

  9. I am in LOOOOOOVE!! I have always wanted to cute trunk to place at the foot of my bed, and these are perfect!! Too bad they're too pretty to actually use as plane luggage, I'd carry these around everywhere!


    Simply Whit in a Sequined Life

  10. Lightweight luggage sets are essential for practically any travel since they give a total host of bag sets for your prerequisites. Read more

  11. Fast forward to today for Heys Luggage and their introduction of the Britto collection. Wow. This Britto luggage looks like a suitcase on speed...or at the very least, luggage from the throwback era of the 1980's. In looking at the fabulous Piccaso meets nature type design, I can almost hear Fleetwood Mac and Culture Club music ringing in my ears.
    Check out this site more details



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