Thursday, August 29, 2013

Door To Door

My idea of the perfect cottage: A light brick or grey stone house with turquoise shutters, a picket fence around it, lots of greenery and flowers, and to top it off, a turquoise door.  I love seeing a door on a house that adds a bit of color, especially on a beach house or a cottage.  I feel like the door to a house should be bright and cheery not just to add some color, but to let your guests know that they are entering a happy house.  

I find so many cute colored door ideas on Pinterest!

The store two doors down from The White Crane has a door that never fails to make me happy.  When I have to park in the lot a block down from work, I get to walk by the door.  It is actually a children's' clothing shop (pretty obvious, right?) but the door is nonetheless letting you know that you're entering a happy place.

One day, I will have my beach house or cute little cottage with a bright turquoise or pink door.  The end.

Stay Tuned!


  1. i love colored doors - the pink one is my favorite!

  2. Love it! My roomates and I scrapbooked our dorm door to make it bright and colorful1!


  3. All of these are great but I think I like the pink one the best!




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