Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Lilly Life

Fall semester starts on Monday, and I'm just doing a little bit of crafting to prepare for it.  As much as I hate to let go of summer, I absolutely love fall and look forward to all the festivities it brings.  In preparation, I came across a pin of a DIY ribbon accented binder.  This weekend has been quite the rainy one, so Harita and I decided to make the most of it by going school supply shopping and making our binders look cute.  We also decided to make them Lilly, what could be better!  With the help of Jessica Marie Design Blog, our binders look perfectly Lilly. 
The Lilly Binder Covers are free, adorable and so simple to make…You don't have to make them because the fabulous Jessica has already done so!  All you need to do is visit Jessica Marie Design Blog and follow the directions she has listed.
Gimme Some Leg
Garden By The Sea
I simply can't get enough of First Impression!

I found my colorful binders at Office Depot.  If you are wanting to add a ribbon to complete your binder's look, all you will need is your favorite ribbon, a hot glue gun and scissors.
A few tips on the ribbons: First off, be sure to start glueing the ribbon on the outside of the binder then bring the edges into the inside to have a neat ribbon look.  Secondly, I recommend making a bow separately then glueing it to the ribbon instead of tying it in a bow.
Add some Lilly to your everyday binders.  Make life more colorful and interesting.  Add something that catches your eye to any boring object (a binder in this case).

Stay Tuned!


  1. These are so cute! I have the same binder covers, but I just love the bow accent :)


  2. I'm glad you liked the binder covers! The way you styled them is perfect!!

    I really appreciate you sharing these!


  3. I love this! Your binders are so cute!

  4. First Impression is my favorite print, too, probably because I have an undying love for roses :)


  5. these are so fun, have a great school year!

  6. So funny, just made some today on my blog! So fun to do and perfect for school! There really is no reason to have boring school supplies.
    xo Tia

  7. OMG I am obsessed right now! I already graduated, but I plan to organize my office with lilly binders now, so cute!!!



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