Thursday, May 30, 2013

Satchel Sensations

Another fun purchase from my shopping adventures this past weekend was my very first satchel by the Cambridge Satchel Company.  I have always admired these bags.  Once I saw them in person, I was completely in love!  I have never owned a white bag before, so I decided to go with the white satchel…simplistic and fresh.  Upon using it the very first day, I knew it would become a go-to bag.
I just love my satchel.  The only teeny tiny complaint I have about the bag is actually having to un-buckle the bag every time I need something out of it.  But it is nice knowing that your wallet it safe and sound strapped inside the bag, and the pocket on the outside is perfect for my car key and phone so that they can be easily accessed when needed.

I loved my satchel so much that I purchased another one in a blush pink (beige) color.  ASOS was having 20% off the entire site, so I thought it would be a great time to take advantage of the sale.  I think the beige will also be a versatile color for this bag.

Here are a few other of my favorite color satchels.

The Pastels (1/2/3/4) are to die for!

The Cambridge Satchel Company makes for the perfect every day of the week bag!

Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bright Stripes

During my shopping adventures this past weekend, this dress caught my eye in a store window.  My grandmother has told me about a brand that goes way back called Penguin by Munsingwear.  This fun brand has made a comeback and has opened a store in one of my favorite malls.  I was so excited to purchase this dress as I just love the bright stripes and flirty style.

Shoes: Franco Sarto
Belt: J.Crew
Sunglasses: Tory Burch

Do you even come across exciting finds from brands you didn't know were still in existence?

Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fantastic Finds!

I have been oohing and aahing over the new summer arrivals at J.Crew Factory.  The new arrivals are currently 50% off.  The new prints, styles, accessories, and bright colors are definitely worth taking a peek at.  Here are my favorites.

What's your favorite new arrival?

Stay Tuned!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!  I hope everyone has had (and is having) a safe and enjoyable weekend.  Today, and always, we must be grateful for the memory of those who have served.

I spent my Memorial Day weekend in Atlanta.  Today, I'm back home sitting by the pool and enjoying the sunshine.  A cookout is planned for later.

If you're wondering what to wear, I've put together some great ideas on a guest post for Andrea!  If you're interested in seeing them stop by Tickled Pink Blog. A nautical touch is always the perfect way to go.

One last thing I want to mention.  As I was watching The Mike Huckabee show on Fox last night, I was touched by Guardians of Rescue.  This organization trains dogs and matches them up with veterans who are suffering from PTSD.  I know what a blessing Jaycee is to me even when I'm stressed with school and other areas of life.  I can't even imagine the stress our soldiers go through, and I know dogs must be a perfect way to help with this stress.  If you'd like to watch a clip of the Huckabee show to see more of this touching organization, you can watch it here.  There are many ways to volunteer and many fundraisers to host.  Freedom is not free, and I feel this is a great way to help show gratitude toward those who have served for us and given us our freedom.  Dogs are such blessings.  

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable memorial day!

Stay Tuned!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Pink and Green Pair

Me wearing my outfit and Jaycee wearing her hair bow, we were the perfect pink and green pair.

Sandals: Lilly Pulitzer
Necklace: Anthropologie
Jaycee's Bow: Susan Lanci

Stay Tuned!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Beach Bag Business

Summertime = Beach time!  We all try to get to the beach sometime during the summer.  I will be heading to the beach in a week or so, and I simply can't wait to relax on the Florida shore.  Soaking up the sun, listening to the waves, and preferably not having sand between my toes (I hate for my feet to be dirty) sounds splendid right about now.  When packing for the beach, I carefully plan my beach bag.  I like to make sure all of my necessities are at hand.  

What's typically in my beach bag?

  1. I always have a pair of earbuds. These Kate Spade polka dot earbuds are to die for!
  2. My iPod (or iPhone since that is what my music streaming apps are on) is always at hand.
  3. Polarized sunnies are a must! My favorite pair of the year is the Kate Spade Brenna Sunnies.
  4. A good read is always a fun activity.  I like to pick up a few good magazines upon arrival to have for the very first beach day.
  5. Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment will always be in my bag! I absolutely love this product. It's perfect for chapped lips, has an SPF of 15, and adds the perfect amount of color.
  6. I always keep a laminated make up pouch in my beach bag to keep items such as my earbuds, iPhone, lip stick, condo key, and other valuable items from getting sandy.
  7. As a necessity for my beach towels, beach towel clips are always with me for the beach days. I hate it when the wind blows my perfectly laid out beach towel off of my chair. Beach towel clips make it stay put. 
  8. Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect is my favorite sun tan lotion. You can never go wrong with a hint of shimmer.
One last thing!
This Kate Spade Beach Club Basket makes for the perfect beach bag!  With it's woven rubber material, it can easily be washed after a day at the beach.  The interior is very roomy as well.  The best part, it's now on sale.

What are your beach bag necessities?

Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wise Words Wednesday

What makes you happy?  Have you ever made out a list of what makes you happy?  When I think about the things that make me the happiest, I automatically thing of Jaycee, Polka Dots, Pedicures, Organization, Pink, Anchors, Toddlers and Tiaras, Pointed Toe Shoes, Mango Smoothies, Peonies, and the list goes on.  I personally find it so important to have such a list to refer to when disappointments come my way.  When feeling let down by a certain situation, I always find comfort in Jaycee (I call this furry therapy).  

I can remember my dance recitals as a kid.  They were the highlight of the year for me.  What I loved even more than the actual dance recital was the dress rehearsals.  It was the highest peak of excitement for me in my dancing days.  The thrill of being on stage would come and go so quickly, and I'd always find myself with a feeling of disappointment after the shows.  After each recital, I would receive a bouquet of my favorite flowers.  These flowers made me so happy, and I always looked forward to receiving them after.  Yes, they were on my happy list.

Over the years, I have decided that a "Happy List" is so important to get you through disappointing times.  Whenever I think something not so pleasing will come my way, I think of the next exciting event that will occur, or I turn to my trusty happy list.

Wise words to go by: 

A happy disposition is a cheerful heart.  A cheerful heart will bring on a smile.  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Very Nice Sandal

I have been in search of the perfect pink sandal.  With my love for a nautical knot look, I found the ideal sandal I've been looking for in the Joie "Nice" Sandal.  Comfortable and simply darling, these sandals are most definitely a go-to pair.

This "Nice" shoe comes in several different colors, Brights and Basics!  I am so pleased with my pink pair that I also ordered the white pair.  To add a bit of excitement to this nice shoe, several of the colors are currently on sale on Zappos.  One other quick tip: Be sure to size up a half a size as these shoes run small.
As you can see in my picture from Instagram, the shoe box is so cute with the anchor on it, but another part of the shoe that I absolutely adore is the little anchor inscribed on the bottom of the sole.

What a nice sandal this is (the name is so fitting)!

Stay Tuned!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Suiting Up for Summer!

 I recently read a post by College Prep on One Piece Swimsuits, and let me just say, she couldn't have summed up my thoughts on the "new and improved" styles of one pieces any better.  I used to never pay attention to one pieces.  I'd always go to a two piece swimsuit as they were usually the cutest to choose.  Now, I am seeing so many darling one pieces that have won me over more than any two piece. From the patterns to the cuts of the suits, Anthropologie, Shopbop, and Tory Burch have a few that I simply adore!

Zinke  (How cute is this suit with the peplum!!)

Are you loving one pieces for this summer? Or are two pieces your first choice?

Stay Tuned!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Just Keep Moving

Decisions, decisions, decisions…we all have to make them.  I for one hate decision making. Even making outfit decisions can be quite an annoyance sometimes. When it comes to making big decisions for my life, I know they are completely up to me to make.  I hate the feeling of not knowing if I'm making the right or wrong choice. I wish I could just put life to a standstill, but I know I can't do that. 

I saw this quote, and it really has me thinking.  I can remember when my Daddy taught me to ride a bike and him saying "Don't stop pedaling!"  I'm sure we all have similar experiences with this.  This balancing process is a constant lesson in life. When making important decisions, I put much prayer and thought into the process. I then start to see different instances and answers unfold that help me come to making a decision.  Staying in balance as life keeps moving is always a help in the time of decision making.  If it weren't, incidents and answers to help us make our decisions would never occur.

Friday, May 17, 2013

A Pink and Navy Spring Day

As I mentioned in my last post on "Reflecting Your Personality" through your outfits, a pink and navy combination is one of my ways to express myself through what I wear.  As soon as I got off work today, I picked up Jaycee from the groomer and headed to get a manicure.  What do you think I chose?  If you're thinking pink and navy, then you're correct.  I chose hot pink with a navy anchor design.  This also went along with my outfit.  This outfit had me feeling happy which is my main goal through what I choose to wear.  The shorts are something else I want to mention, but I'll save them for another time.

Shorts: J.Crew
Shoes: Kate Spade

Stay Tuned!

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