Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wise Old Owl

"A wise old owl sat on an oak; The more he saw the less he spoke; The less he spoke the more he heard; Why aren't we like that wise old bird?"

Stay Tuned!


  1. Darling!! You are just such a great read! One of my besties decorated her classroom with is known as the treehouse. Of course my Gators in The Swamp still rock it for me! So much so that I ordered the Chomp Chomp dress...I adore a good theme!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten...Madame Spiiled

  2. What a classy look!! Love it!!!

  3. What a hoot! Love owls and that pin s fabulous!

  4. I really love this outfit! The colors and print are the perfect winter/spring transition outfit. :-) Thanks for sharing as always!!

    xoxo Miss ALK



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