Sunday, January 27, 2013

Birthday Best!

The birthday I'm celebrating today is my next favorite and the most exciting to me after my own birthday.  Today is my Mama's birthday!  There are two reasons why I love to celebrate it.  One, she's my best friend in the world so why wouldn't I love to celebrate it!  Second, I am an avid shopper and love to shop for others!  Since we love the same exact things, I had no problem finding her the right gifts.  It is just as exciting for me to buy for her than for myself.  With that being said, Happy Birthday, Mama! I love you! May your every wish come true today. 

In preparation to making her day extra special, I baked her favorite kind of cake for her birthday, Red Velvet!  I also had fun decorating and monogramming it.

Next, I wrapped her birthday present loot in green and white polka dot paper and monogrammed each gift.  The monogrammed gift tags have been one of my latest obsessions.  Dorothy Walton, from Prep In Your Step Blog, did a wonderful DIY tutorial on how to make these cuties. 

Lastly, you must have a fun birthday outfit picked out to look your birthday best!

Let the celebrations begin!

Stay Tuned!


  1. Love the cake! happy birthday to your mom!
    Step Into Prep
    Check out my blog!

  2. Happy birthday to your mama!

  3. Happy birthday to your mom!
    I've nominated you for a liebster award:) check out the details on my blog!

  4. Happy Birthday to your Mom, love the monnogrammed gift tags you made, they look great!

  5. You decorated the gifts so nice, love it! I like to spend a lot of time on wrapping my gifts too ;)I'm your newest follower, love your blog and its happy lay-out.
    x Hannah



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