Saturday, December 15, 2012


One thing I am currently obsessing over is Plaid!  I guess you could say I have a Plaid-itude.  I love adding plaid accents here and there.  I love wearing a plaid button down underneath a sweater.  Plaid is so versatile and perfect.  From blazers to gloves, plaid is the way to go.  

Are you loving plaid? What is your favorite thing to pair with plaid?

Stay Tuned!


  1. Hi Rachel! I fell across your blog after I commented below you on Let's Be Preppy and love all the clothes you've been posting! I was going to just tell you that, but I saw in your about section that you happen to be my sorority sister as well as just having awesome taste in clothes! <> Love from Illinois! WLFEO <3

    1. I just love meeting other sisters!! It makes me feel so happy! Thank you so much for this comment :) Pi Love!! WLFEO <>

  2. those wedge booties are SO cute! love the subtle plaid detail; i never think to do things like that.

    also loving the vicker's bow bracelet. i MUST get myself one soon!



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