Friday, November 9, 2012

A Little Bit Of Everything!

Well here's a recap of this past week.  Since it has been filled with so many wonderful events and several of those little exciting purchase/fashion moments, I feel the need to share. 

1.  To start off this sequence of events, last week was Diamond Days for my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi.  Here is a craft I made for my little diamond sister.  It's modge podged with Lilly Pulitzer fabric and pearls.

2.  Black Diamond Ceremony, also part of Diamond Days.  I love my little!

3.  On the purchase list is this amazing sequined chevron dress I picked up from Francesca's on Monday.  I am beyond excited about it.  It will be perfect for Christmas festivities!

4. and 6.  Election Day Apparel!  Jaycee and I ELEPHlaunted our Lilly Pulitzer elephants on Tuesday.

5.  THIS WATCH!!! It's perfect because it's sparkly and leopard and looks perfect in a stack!  I picked it up yesterday from Target.

7. 8. 9. These pictures are from last night and are self explanatory since the name of this event is Mallard Ball!  It is an Alpha Delta Pi tradition!  Although I'm not a fan or camouflage or orange, this event is doesn't count for that.  With a Michael Kors camo top, An orange bow in my hair, a brown ballet skirt, Old Gringo cowgirl boots, and some of my very favorite people, it was an amazing event!

Sorry for so many pictures, but I had to share.  

Congratulations to Katherine F. for winning the 200 follower giveaway!! Enjoy your Kate Spade set, Katherine.

Happy Friday to all and Stay Tuned!


  1. You and your Little look so cute and so does that craft you made! What a fun week!




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