Sunday, August 19, 2012

Preppy Steps!

Buying myself my first pair of Jacks became an addiction for me.  Every prep will tell you how essential it is to own a pair of Jacks!  Not only are they a Preppy icon, but they are a comfortable, fun, feel-good kind of shoe!! I can always count on my Jacks to complete my outfits and give me a cheery feeling :)

 This photo was taken for the Jack Rogers Girl of the Moment contest.  I love the vibrant colors, the shoes, and of course my sweet Jaycee.

Although I love each and every pair, I do have a few favorites!
Love My Jacks
  1. Silver Glitter Navajos
  2. Lime with Aqua Trim Navajos  - These are first on my list to purchase next summer.
  3. Pink with Lime Trim Navajos  - I would do anything to own this pair, but have only seen them in narrow sizes.  Miss Janice owns this pair and wears them fabulously!  
  4. Gold with Silver Trim  - My Mama's favorite pair she owns and graciously shares with me.
  5. Pink with Light Blue Multi Leather  - Also one of my favorites and on my next to purchase list.
  6. Lime with Gold Trim - I love wearing these with my Pink and Green Lilly pieces 
  7. Gold with Gold Trim - Definitely my most worn pair…they go with so much!
  8. Now for my very favorite pair...

Light Pink with Hot Pink Trim - My very favorite, most loved pair of Jacks!  Oh they make me so happy :)

I just love all my Jacks!!  I can always count on Jack Rogers to give me a Preppy Step :)

Jaycee Wants Jacks!!
Jaycee really wants a pair too!!  Maybe I can find some for my Furbaby :)

Stay Tuned!!


  1. Excited to be your newest follower :) nice collection...

  2. I always love that pic of you with the Jacks! So cute... love my Jacks!


  3. Your collection dwarfs mine, but I'm working on it ;)

  4. you have quite the collection! i love the design of your blog! <3

  5. I love the pink on pink! I really want to get the pink glitter. Not ideal for fall but they've been on my wishlist for months!

  6. Such an adorable pic! I'm obsessed with Jack's and that's my favorite Lilly pattern :) I'm your 100th follower! Xoxo

  7. Love your collection! Did you ever win a free pair of Jacks?



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