Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fall Favorites For Furbabies!

As I have been picking out and purchasing new fall favorites for myself, I have also been shopping for my pup, Jaycee!  You can't leave out your Furbaby :)  With the cooler weather ahead, there is no better time to be shopping for a pup's wardrobe!  The great thing about Fall/Winter clothing for pups is that there is a perfect reason for them to get dressed up.  Even though Jaycee is always wearing a lovely fur coat, she still gets cold in the cooler months.  I am so eager to see her precious self in these new items!

I am so excited for her to wear this adorable Plaid Patchwork Dress!  The colors are great for Fall.  The navy accent bow is the perfect touch!  She will wear a navy hair bow to match.

The Pupcake Sweater Dress (pupcake…so cute)!!  She will wear a pink hair bow with this sweater.

With denim season coming up,  I thought this cutie pie Denim Dress would be perfect for the Fall! Also accented with a bow, it couldn't be any cuter.

This Rose 'n Ruffles Sweater  by Oscar Newman is too pretty to pass up!!  The details are so sweet, and it will be keeping Jaycee soft and snuggly in the cold months.  I love it!

Now you can't forget the satin PJ's!!  

I just love these…so sweet!!

Now, how about a bauble?

This pretty bauble for your pup comes in lovely autumn colors.

This Cross My Heart Sweater by Oscar Newman is also an item I love and will hopefully be purchasing for Jaycee.

Now Jaycee has a birthday in a little more than a month, and she will be receiving these pretty pieces along with a few more surprises. Since these items take some time to process (two, three, or four weeks), I went ahead and ordered them so they will be here in time.  Jaycee will have a wonderful birthday and a Preppy State of Mind for her Fall/Winter wardrobe!  

Do you dress your Furbaby? What to you think of these cuties?

P.S. Doggie Couture shop is running a 20% off of your order special!  Just enter the code "Doggie" at checkout :)

Stay Tuned!


  1. These are all too cute! I love the plaid dress!

  2. As a furbaby mommy, I love this post! Fabulous! Great blog!

  3. I just couldn't resist commenting on this post! Those are some adorable outfits for your precious little fur baby! I have to admit, I instantly fell in love with her once I saw her precious little under bite. Oh-my-gosh, so adorable! I'm a dog mom myself and my sweet little Daisy has one as well and can you believe that someone had the nerve to tell me she needed braces?!?!! Bout had a fit, but I think it adds character to her already sweet demeanor. Aren't the little doggies just the sweetest? Anyway, I have rambled too long, but you have the cutest blog :).



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