Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall Craves - Yosi Flats

Yosi Flats are on my Fall favorites list!! They come in just about any color and pattern.  If you need it, Yosi has it!  They fold up and are easy to pack for a getaway or even carry a pair around in your purse with you!  I don't have a favorite pair…I love and want them all!

Yosi Flats
Pink/Pink // Ostrich // Glitter Beige // Striped // Crocodile // Brown // Polka Dots // Metallic Silver // Pink/Peach/Black

Yosi Look
1.  J.Crew Cords  2.  Yosi Fats  3.  Fuchsia Bauble  4.  Beige Blouse  5.  Penny Bracelet

Which pair are you craving? :)

Stay Tuned!

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