Friday, August 31, 2012

Favorites Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!! I apologize for not having this post up at the time I usually post.  Last night was a tiring night filled with studying.  On that note, I am so happy it is Friday and a three day weekend!  I am going to the beach with William and am SO excited.  I hope you enjoy this eddition of Favorites Friday!

First we have the Pink Raj Elephant Bangle by Kenneth Jay Lane.  This piece delights me!  I think elephants are adorable and this bangle compliments Lilly so well.

I adore my Lilly umbrella in Bloomers!  It is the perfect way to make rainy days a little brighter :)

This Monogram necklace by Moon & Lola is one of my favorite things in my closet!  It has definitely paid for itself.  I continue to get many compliments on it.

Here are a few favorites put into a complete look!
Lilly Pulitzer Blossom dress in Hotty Pink First Impression // Anthropologie clip (similar) // Anthropologie Bow Espadrilles // Heartstrings Enterprise Monogram Key // Strand of Pearls

I hope you were able to add my favorites to your favorites list!  Have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend :)

Stay Tuned!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Peep Into Jaycee's Closet!

Even before I had my Jaycee, I always knew that the pup I got would be well dressed.  When I found out I was getting my pup, she already had a few outfits waiting on her at her new home!  I started keeping her little outfits in a small closet-ish looking case (only about 12 inches high) but after Christmas of last year, that became entirely too small.  Her clothes then moved to a drawer, then by summer that became too small!  Her toy collection was beginning to accumulate everywhere without a designated place to keep them! So…Jaycee now has a 59 inch tall closet!  After three hours of putting it together and organizing her things, the closet is perfect and plenty of room!  Have a look :)

As you can see, it is quite large!

So Organized...

The bottom of the closet is where her toys are kept, being easily accessible for Jaycee.

So. Many. Toys.

Her Collars are neatly strapped to the back rack with the Summer being on the left, the Winter on the right, and all year round ones are in the middle.

PJs and Bathrobe (more nightgowns coming for her birthday)

Bow Section!



Fall/Winter - This side looks a little shabby due to the fact that she outgrew all of her clothes from last fall. Now that she is fully grown, more Fall/Winter clothes are on the way for her Birthday presents!

What a happy pup! I think she's pleased :)

Now I just need more hangers!

Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pastel Pretties!

I absolutely love these pastel statement pieces by Silver Lining Decor on Etsy.  I came across this perfect collection on The Preppy Student 's blog and fell in love with them!  The colors and designs are just too cute.

I wish I could have every single one of these pieces.  The color combinations are lovely and make me so happy!  I can't wait to purchase something from Silver Lining Decor!

Which ones do you love?

Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall Craves - Yosi Flats

Yosi Flats are on my Fall favorites list!! They come in just about any color and pattern.  If you need it, Yosi has it!  They fold up and are easy to pack for a getaway or even carry a pair around in your purse with you!  I don't have a favorite pair…I love and want them all!

Yosi Flats
Pink/Pink // Ostrich // Glitter Beige // Striped // Crocodile // Brown // Polka Dots // Metallic Silver // Pink/Peach/Black

Yosi Look
1.  J.Crew Cords  2.  Yosi Fats  3.  Fuchsia Bauble  4.  Beige Blouse  5.  Penny Bracelet

Which pair are you craving? :)

Stay Tuned!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunny Inspiration!

Yellow is the happiest color of all!  I love wearing yellow in any season! Especially if it's yellow with navy!  Yellow never fails to make me happy and always reminds me of the Sun!

The Sun is marvelous! It would take 1.3 million Earth Sized objects to fill the volume of the Sun!  Now that is hard to fathom!  When trying to think of something bigger than the sun, only one idea comes to mind…our God!

Without God, there would be no Sun. What the Sun is to nature, is what God is to us.
The Sun is the center and the beauty of the Solar system.  Any beauty we have is all because of God!
The Sun illuminates the solar system and lights the path we walk.  God is our light as He lights and directs our paths!
The Sun is of great power!  Our God created that massive power!
The Sun is ever the same as it has faithfully performed it's duty.  God is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

This makes me feel secure knowing that God is bigger than the Sun and the whole Universe!  Nothing is too big for our God! I am going to carry these thoughts with me as I start this new week :)

Happy Monday, everyone :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Pop of Color!

A Pop of Color

Why not add a pop of color to your Sunday Best?  Or to any day's look?  A pop of color can light up a room…or outfit!  Happy Sunday!

Stay Tuned!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

When It Rains, Make It Shine!

I have already experienced a few rainy mornings of walking campus.  When it rains, why not make it shine?  This can easily be done with the right rain gear.  

Dancing In The Rain

Rain Bows Jacket // Hunter Boots in Cafe Latte // Rain Boot Charm // Tory Burch Mini Umbrella // Umbrella Necklace // Pup Rain Jacket

I just purchased my first pair of Hunter Rain Boots in the Cafe Latte color and am SO excited to wear them for Fall!  This whole look will have you actually excited for the rain!  Why not have your pup looking spiffy in the rain as well? If it rains, you might as well make the best of it.

"Not always sunny, but always in a sunny state of mind!" - Lilly Pulitzer

Stay Tuned!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Favorites Friday!

Hello and Happy Friday! With the first week of school being over, this weekend is much needed. I am so excited it's Friday! Here are a few of my favorite things to share on my favorite day of the week.

Lilly Pulitzer Somerset Dress in True Navy!  I purchased this dress in four different patterns for Spring and enjoyed them so much while the weather was a little on the cool side.  The sleeve length is perfect for this time of year also, and the ruffle makes it too precious. I just purchased this dress in true navy and can't wait to wear it with a Murfee scarf and Revas. Cowboy boots would also be a nice touch! This is a great transition piece!

Here is a color by O.P.I that I'm loving for this time of year.  "Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh" goes with so much and looks perfect with a light coat of sparkle added on top of it.

I so enjoy this Beaded Hair Clip from Anthropologie.  The one I have is similar to this one since I purchased it last year, but Anthro keeps coming out with these clips and tweaking the style just a bit. They are lovely and make the perfect hair accent.  This clip comes in several colors and styles.

Here's a few of my favorites put together into a favorite look!
Lilly Pulitzer Bowen Dress // Etsy Bubble Necklace // Tory Burch Logo Clutch // Gold Jacks

I hope you enjoyed this addition of Favorites Friday and were able to add my favorites to your favorites list! Have a great weekend!

Stay Tuned!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Decor To Die For!

Happy Thursday everyone!! I am so happy it is Thursday!  My one lab that I have on Fridays is canceled for this week, so after my classes today, I can start my weekend :) Jumping into a fast paced schedule this week has me longing for a few days off! 

 Today I am going to share a little bit of home decor that is seriously to die for!  I came across this cute Etsy store, bedbuggs, and just can't wait to use items like this in my home someday.  These would be perfect for a dorm, a little girl's room, your room, a sunroom, and more so much!

Chevron Canvas with Pink Bow (My Personal Favorite)

I just love these so much!! The colors, patterns, and over all designs are perfect!

Have a fantastic Thursday and Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Murfette Scarf Giveaway!

Here's something that brightened my rainy Wednesday! Visit Sweet, Pink, and Preppy blog and enter to win an adorable Lilly Murfette Scarf! 

Happy Wednesday!! :)

Lilly Sale Loves!

Lilly Sale Loves!

Shift Dress Pillows // Knotty Bangles // McKim Sandals // Picnic Basket // Shift Dress Glasses Case // Straw Hat // Clothes Hangers // Picture Perfect Wedges

Through all the technical issues Lilly had, the sale was marvelous!  There were some great prices on the apparel, but I had too much fun with the accessories section!  What I loved about it the most were the fun gifts, such as the shift pillows (I couldn't resist them and bought 5), the clothes hangers, picnic basket, sun hat, and glasses case.  I was so happy to see the beloved Knotty Bangles on sale, and bought 3 others to wear with my navy bangle.  The shoes were a steal as well.

What goodies did you pick up through the super Lilly sale? :)

Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Now & Later

Transitioning into Fall is the hardest time of the year to dress.  You want to look cute in the right seasonal colors but stay cool at the same time.  I'm all about finding cute pieces now that can still be worn in the cooler weather.  Here are some great sets you can wear now, and wear later with cool weather attire.

Now & Later 2

Now & Later

Stay tuned for more Fall goodies! 

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