Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Positively Preppy Politics!

I am officially a Georgia voter and voted for the first time today in the Primary election! It feels great to have officially voted (woo hoo)!! Since today is election day and it was my first time voting, I have Red, White, and Blue (and elephants, of course) on my mind!  I decided to put some fun outfits together in a patriotic, political, preppy way :)

patriotic prep (red/white/gold)

patriotic prep (red/white/gold) by apreppystateofmind

Patriotic Prep (blue/white/gold)
patriotic prep (blue/white/gold) by apreppystateofmind

I am seriously obsessed with every single one of these items in each of these outfits! I would be one happy prep if I could wear one of these today. My official voter mindset has me thinking positively politically preppy today :)

A fun fact!! The Elizabeth McKay Red Elephant Silk Ruffled Blouse (featured in the first style board above) is actually being worn today by Wright McLeod's wife (running for congress), Sheri McLeod! She looks gorgeous! (Thanks Jaclyn for sharing this with me )! :)

What do you think of these adorable sets? Would you wear them? :)

Stay Tuned!


  1. Oh the blue dress is super cute <3



  2. So cute! Mrs. Sheri is so gorgeous! I love that purse you found in the first picture!

    1. Thanks Jaclyn! I'd do anything to have that KS purse! Apparently, it's an older style and is not available anymore :(

  3. AMAZING finds! I love all the elephants! :)

  4. I LOVE that blue set. the jacks and that blouse wow!

  5. thanks for stopping by, happy to follow you back! xx

  6. I'm fairly involved with my local Republican committee so I'm loving all the elephants! What a cute idea!

    Also important announcement for you and everyone following your blog....Lilly on Rue La La today at 11!! I have a reminder set on my work calendar so I'll have to wander off for a little around 10:66 lol.

    Love your blog!!


  7. Oh btw I meant 10:55. Small touch screen keys!!!




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