Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Keys, Please!

A key can mean so many different things!  It could be a secret, an adventure, unlocking a new chapter in life.  A key could represent love, safety, and the list goes on!  I love keys!  I feel like they are all unique in their own special way!  I love the thought of wearing them around your neck or on your wrist!  A key is a great accent for any preppy outfit!  Keys make an excellent conversation piece!  With all of it's many meanings, keys make the perfect gift as well.

Keys, Please!

Keys, Please! by apreppystateofmind 

  1.  I am loving the Gorjana Large Key Necklace! I adore the pretty fleur-de-lis cutout design at the top of it!
  2. Also by Gorjana, this simple, yet sweet, Key Necklace is the perfect touch for any outfit!
  3. I am absolutely in love with this Dogeared Key To Success Necklace! I have always been a fan of Dogeared jewelry, and this precious key necklace is just perfect for me! 
  4. The Juicy Couture 'Key to the Castle' Bracelet is a fun little wish bracelet to go along with any stack!
  5. This Key Wrap Cuff  is such a fabulous bracelet! It's not just one key, but two! How fun and clever is this design?
  6.  This Mini Key Necklace  is another simple key accent that would look perfect layered with another small necklace!
  7.  The Tiffany & Co. vintage inspired key charm collection is amazing to say the least! I would love to own one of these! Since they are quite pricey, they remain on my wish list.  The one I have been drooling over is the Knot Key Pendant. It is timeless and classy!
For my Fall wardrobe, I plan to incorporate more keys. Are any of these unique key pieces calling your name?  Which one is your favorite?

Stay Tuned!

P.S. I'm guest blogging over at Southern Royalty today! Have a look :)


  1. so happy I stumbled upon your blog! I love the key wrap cuff...SO cute:)

    Molly and MacKenzie

  2. I'm glad you like it! I love your blog as well! It's wonderful! :)

  3. I adore keys. The hubby has gifted me two key necklaces from Tiffany. I am wearing them today with a blouse that has keys on it. Your blog is too cute!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

  4. Very cute!
    I have an antique set of skeleton keys a friend gave me. I need to come up with a cute and clever idea for them.

  5. Keys are my absolute favorite! My sister and I both oogle over them! I can't wait to show her this perfect post!


  6. Mrs. Kindergarten, I bet your necklaces are gorgeous and complemented your key blouse very nicely! That whole outfit sounds gorgeous! I'm glad you like my blog! Thank you of your comment :)

    Jamie! Thank you! You can do so much with keys! I'm sure you'll find something cute to do with them :)

    Amy! I'm glad you like my post, and I hope your sister does as well! :)

  7. Cute!! Love the key wrap cuff especially, but I always love Dogeared necklaces!




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