Sunday, July 29, 2012

Getting Crafty: Bowtastic Style

I decided to get crafty and complete a pin that I had been admiring, Bow paperclips/bookmarks! With the new semester being just around the corner and my obsession for bows, this craft couldn't have been more perfect! 

There were never any real directions on how to make these, and I can understand why! Basically you just buy the materials and have fun designing and crafting them however you think is best. It takes me a good 10ish minutes to create just one, but I will admit that I work slow because I'm a perfectionist. 

    Here are the items you'll need: 
  1. Your favorite fabrics or ribbons (try to get a thin ribbon for the center of the bow and a thicker ribbon for the actual bow)
  2. Matching paperclips
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. Needle and thread (this is not necessary, but I thought is was a good way to assure the bow was secure to the paperclip)
  5. No Fray for protecting the bow's edges form fraying

I just adore these!! I think they will be very useful when I'm reading because I'm always book marking my pages (this semester will require TONS of reading for me)! I just think bows are so fun and are another great way to spread preppy cheer around campus! They will definitely add a delightful touch to classes and studying.

I'll admit, I hate reading…but now I enjoy it more that there is an actual bow in my book :)

What do you think about these cuties?? Have you every seen or completed this craft?

Stay Tuned For More Craftiness!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Favorites Friday!

Welcome back for another addition of Favorites Friday! I'm always reminding myself that if something makes you really happy and gives you that blissful feeling, then you should own it (that's how I know when I should and shouldn't buy something). So here are a few more items and items put together into a complete look that make me bright and cheery!
First off are these adorable Tory Burch Flip Flops!  I have seriously been wearing the same pair for 6 years (that's why I can't post a photo of the ones I actually own. I'd like to have this pair for a more updated pair!). I wear them on the beach and to the pool! These cuties belong on my Favorites list!

Next on today's list is this great stack by Seasonal Whispers! I adore this stack! It compliments so many outfits and so many of my bangles!

A dress that definitely fits right in on my favorites list is Lilly Pulitzer's Quinn Dress! I have this dress in  
Shorely Blue Sailors Valentine and in Multi Sailor Patch. This dress is to die for and looks adorable on! It's the perfect summery, feminine look!

Here's a favorite look with a few of my favorite items put together!
  1. The Lilly Pulitzer Avaline Dress
  2. Tory Burch Logo Clutch! (I bought this clutch in Green about 3 years ago, but it's still available in other colors, such as metallic gold and silver)
  3. Tory Burch Miller Flat Thong Sandal
I hope you were able to add my favorites to your favorites list! There will be more favorites to come! Have a happy Friday! :)

Stay Tuned!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Monogram It!

One thing you need to know about me…I monogram EVERYTHING!! I say the more monograms, the better! Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite monogram items or items to monogram! I think a monogram is beautiful with any initials and can make an entire outfit! It's the perfect preppy touch.

I absolutely adore a monogram bow!! I purchased mine from Doodle Bows for a great price. 

As you know, I love seersucker! When it's seer and monogrammed combined, It's like a preps dream for me! I had my Lilly Pulitzer Seersucker Clutch monogrammed and LOVE it.

Of course, the monogrammed floppy/derby hat from Marley Lilly is a preppy girl's must have! I gave this one with the bow on it to my Mama (ultimate preppy/Lilly friend)  for Mother's Day.  She loves it :) 

I also had my Lilly Pulitzer Seersucker Mimosa Skirts in Hotty Pink and and Shorely Blue monogrammed.

I don't know what I'd do without my Moon and Lola  monogrammed script necklace! I receive so many compliments on it. 
I'd love to have a pair of  Script Earrings to match my necklace! 

This Monogrammed Cell Case is also a must have in my Preppy book! :)

Monogram It!

Monogram It! by apreppystateofmind 

What do you think of these monogrammed items? Would you wear them? Or would you monogram them? Don't they just give you monogramania? :)

Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Keys, Please!

A key can mean so many different things!  It could be a secret, an adventure, unlocking a new chapter in life.  A key could represent love, safety, and the list goes on!  I love keys!  I feel like they are all unique in their own special way!  I love the thought of wearing them around your neck or on your wrist!  A key is a great accent for any preppy outfit!  Keys make an excellent conversation piece!  With all of it's many meanings, keys make the perfect gift as well.

Keys, Please!

Keys, Please! by apreppystateofmind 

  1.  I am loving the Gorjana Large Key Necklace! I adore the pretty fleur-de-lis cutout design at the top of it!
  2. Also by Gorjana, this simple, yet sweet, Key Necklace is the perfect touch for any outfit!
  3. I am absolutely in love with this Dogeared Key To Success Necklace! I have always been a fan of Dogeared jewelry, and this precious key necklace is just perfect for me! 
  4. The Juicy Couture 'Key to the Castle' Bracelet is a fun little wish bracelet to go along with any stack!
  5. This Key Wrap Cuff  is such a fabulous bracelet! It's not just one key, but two! How fun and clever is this design?
  6.  This Mini Key Necklace  is another simple key accent that would look perfect layered with another small necklace!
  7.  The Tiffany & Co. vintage inspired key charm collection is amazing to say the least! I would love to own one of these! Since they are quite pricey, they remain on my wish list.  The one I have been drooling over is the Knot Key Pendant. It is timeless and classy!
For my Fall wardrobe, I plan to incorporate more keys. Are any of these unique key pieces calling your name?  Which one is your favorite?

Stay Tuned!

P.S. I'm guest blogging over at Southern Royalty today! Have a look :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Once A Lilly Girl, Always A Lilly Girl!

One thing I always obsess over is seeing vintage Lilly pieces.  I recently went through my box of little girl clothes and was delighted to re-visit with my Minnie Lilly dresses!!  Mama always knew I'd be a Lilly girl.  These are 13, 14, and 15 years old, but they are still just as cute!  Each one tells a story as I have memories in all of them :) 

I had so much fun going through these!! I can't wait to share them with my minnie someday :)

Do you enjoy your old Lilly's?  And do you happen to know the names of any of these patterns?  I'd love to know :)

Stay Tuned!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Favorites Friday!

Welcome back for another addition of Favorites Friday :) Here are a few more of my very favorite items and looks that give me that delightfully cheery feeling! 

The Lilly Pulitzer Knotty Bangle! I just love this fun bangle! It's perfect for any stack. The navy is so nifty as I wear it with SO much. It definitely deserves a spot on my favorites list.

The Tory METALLIC LOGO CLUTCH! Oh this clutch is so wonderful! I use it all the time to dress up an outfit. With it being metallic, it gives the perfect look for a night out, Sunday morning Church service, or really any occasion :)

The David Yurman Bow Cable Bracelet is one of my very, very favorites! It consists of two things I'm obsessed with…David Yurman and Bows! My Jaycee gave it to me for my birthday last year, and I wear it almost every day.

Here is one of my favorite looks I put together! The Lilly Pulitzer Wynne Top with lilly's Briar skirt in Paint by Numbers, and accented with the Lilly Pulitzer Sullivan Belt. I also wore the Lilly Pulitzer Critter Earrings with this outfit, along with a fun pair of espadrilles I got from Anthropologie last summer.

I hope you were able to add my favorites to your favorites! There will be more favorites to come!

Stay Tuned!

P.S. I apologize for this post being late (It was supposed to be posted on Friday obviously, and it's already Saturday). My Computer is having issues. Thank you for your cooperation :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Attention Lilly Lovers!!

Today, Rue Lala has some GREAT buys on Lilly Pulitzer! It seems to only be small sizes (x-small, small, 00, 0, 2) left, but it's definitely worth checking out! 

I just ordered the "Bowen" Bright Navy Honeycomb Home Strapless Dress. It's only $49.99! It will be great for going into Fall.

I hope you find something! :) But remember, anything you buy through this sals is Final Sale, so make sure you know your size. Not a member of Rue Lala and need an invite?? Here's the link :)

Stay Tuned!

Lilly Paradise at the Breakers Palm Beach!

 I just got back from by vacation to the fabulous Breakers Hotel and Resort at Palm Beach.  Yes, it was gorgeous and I definitely want to go back.  I made so many memories there that will last a lifetime.  I have to say that one of the highlights of my trip was visiting Lilly Pulitzer at the Breakers! The store was gorgeous, and I couldn't help but visit it every day of my stay.  And yes, I did make a purchase 4 of the 5 days I visited it (there's always something to buy in Lilly).  I have a tradition that every time I visit a Lilly store I haven't been to, I take pictures of the fitting rooms and the store decor to keep in my album.  I mean the Lilly Design Team does immaculate work that just takes your breath away :)

The wall design over the register…amazing!
After shopping…day 1 :)

Fitting room number 3 wallpaper! I just loved the little shift dress.

Fitting room number 1 wallpaper.

Starfish on the wall of Fitting Room number 2 (this reminds me of the sea shells on the fitting room wall of the Atlanta, GA Lilly store). 

What could be any cuter than this Lilly time line?? 

I loved these Lilly girls, Stephanie (on left) and Brittany (on right). They were both so sweet and helped put together mine and my mama's outfits in Whales' Tails! Stephanie was so helpful with our entire stay at the Breakers. Every day I came in, she was there and it was so much fun to chat with her. She told my mama a helpful tip! Did you know that with most Lilly pieces, you can let the hem about 2 inches if it's too short? We didn't know that. Thanks for the helpful hint, Stephanie!

This was my purchase from day 2! Whales' Tails is now on my favorite prints list :)

I can't wait till I get to go back and visit Lilly at the Breakers! Looking at all these pictures now that I'm home reminds me that...

Doesn't this store just put you in a Sunny State of Mind? :)

Stay Tuned!


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